Pixar director, Lee Unkrich, leaves the studio after 25 years: GeekTyrant


Pete docter, who is currently creative director of Pixar Animation Studios after John Lbadeter He officially left, offered a statement about the departure of Unkrich, saying:

"Lee came to Pixar when we were working on History of the toy, and it has had a profound effect on all Pixar movies since then. Literally he taught the novice filmmakers about staging, composing and cutting. His artistic ability and his expert craftsmanship as editor and co-director became one of the main reasons for the high quality of our filmmaking, and as Lee continued to direct, his ability to find deep humor and emotion allowed him to create some of the strongest movies. We've done it We'll miss it so much, but we're enormously grateful for his tireless dedication to quality and his ability to reach the hearts of audiences around the world. "

Unkrich left a great legacy at Pixar and with an Oscar win for Coconut palm, is leaving the company on a high note. It seems that the boy just wants to enjoy life right now! He has made some great movies, and we wish him the best!

Source: Deadline

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