Piranha Plant will join the list of & # 39; Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & # 39; next month

By Tyler Fischer

Piranha Plant

The iconic enemy of the Super Mario series, the piranha plant is reaching Super Smash Bros. Ultimate next month, if you bought the game early enough, that's it.

The news comes in the form of an update to the Nintendo Switch news. According to the publication, which also reminds players to claim their Gold Points before the end of this month so that they can receive the wrestler for free, the plant with a large mouth will be available "around" in February. Prior to this, the launch window of the DLC was only a broader "early 2019."

Now, if you have not yet claimed Piranha Plant, the download code to redeem the character will be sent to you by email within 72 hours once you have purchased the base game from the online store or have claimed your Gold Points manually with a physical copy of the game. If you do not buy the game and redeem the gold points before the end of the month, you will lose the wrestler without additional cost.

However, when the PP will be released for the independent purchase has not been revealed. It will be, but for now Nintendo only says that it will be sometime in "2019", and that it is not separated from the first Fighter Pbad of the game.

As you know, the PP has never appeared in any previous game of the series, it is also a completely new addition. This also means that players have no idea what to expect. It could be the next big thing in competitive. Smashor it could be a failure.

For more information about the fighter: his attacks, moves, teasing, final crush and screenshots, click here.

Hype has definitely died for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a little as this month goes on and the new releases of 2019 begin to arrive. However, as new DLC fighters are added to the game, this should change. And leaving earlier Smash games, Latest I should have my legs and talk about it in the next few years.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. For more news about the critically acclaimed platform fighter and sales success, be sure to check out all of our previous game coverage by clicking here.

And as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Are you waiting for the addition of the Piranha plant?

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