Pilot blamed for Taiwan’s first virus transmission in months fired from airline

Taiwan’s Eva Airways has fired a pilot convicted for the first local broadcast of a coronavirus in the country in eight months.

The airline said a new pilot, the unnamed pilot, was responsible for the infection of a local woman, the first local case in 253 days according to Yahoo! news. The company said in a statement that the pilot flouted public safety regulations and “caused serious damage to the company’s reputation and image.”

The airline said the man worked without a mask despite being reminded of the masking rule by a Taiwanese coworker who later tested positive. The pilot, who was reportedly coughing during a US-bound December 12 flight, has been fined the equivalent of $ 10,600 in a “failed” account for “true” his activities and contacts, according to Yahoo!

According to Taiwan’s Health Minister Chen Shih-chung, 170 of the 173 people who have made contact with the infected woman have tested negative. The pilot is believed to have visited the two department stores, among other locations, but previously said he could not remember where he was and did not tell authorities that he had contacted the infected local woman Has contacted, the news outlet reported.

The current protocol requires any pilot to arrive at Quarantine Island for a three-day trip abroad, a requirement that would be tightened as a result of the outbreak.

Taiwan, which sealed its borders and implemented early epidemic measures, recorded only 776 cases of the virus and seven deaths. Between April and December, a handful of Taiwanese countrymen and foreign nationals were involved in every case of the virus.


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