Piers Morgan to Tucker: Trusting Markle “Like Believing in Pinocchio”; she’s ‘spinning’ the future kings of England

In his exclusive interview on Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today,” British journalist Piers Morgan compared Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, to Disney’s Pinocchio, and said that she and Prince Harry are deliberately smearing the future kings of England. .

“There is so much ridiculous nonsense in this interview [with Oprah Winfrey], that frankly, in the end, to say that I would believe her would be like saying that I believe Pinocchio, ”he said, referring to the Italian puppet whose wooden nose grew when he lied.

Morgan warned Carlson that the American-born Markle is one of the least trustworthy people, implicitly rejecting his critics who have said he is wrong to doubt the televised testimony of young royals.

She said she hopes Harry will acknowledge that, as well as her claim that Markle “has a history of getting rid of everyone and everything when they are no longer useful to her.”

“My advice to Harry is, make sure you stay ‘in use’,” Morgan commented, adding that Harry’s apparent primary ‘use’ is being of royal lineage to provide Markle with celebrity fodder from which he can benefit financially.


“How much money would they be making if they weren’t the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, for their bland opinion on a podcast on Spotify?” Morgan asked, adding that an average American or British worker would not have the same luxurious lifestyle as them.

He said an obvious example is how Harry joined CBS late-night comedian James Corden on an open-top bus ride through Hollywood and Los Angeles.

Morgan said an event like that was made possible by their “royal connection,” which she said the couple says they despise.

“It’s really embarrassing, what’s the game plan? Are they still plummeting in terms of shedding more and more creepy details? [about the Royal Family].

Morgan added that just days after her explosive interview with Winfrey, the Sussexes appeared on “CBS This Morning.”

“We know that … Prince Charles and Prince William, our future two kings of Great Britain, called Prince Harry to discuss Oprah’s interview,” Morgan said.


“The first thing they did was tell Gayle King, Oprah’s best friend who hosts the CBS morning show, who then relayed this to the American people, that they didn’t just call Charles and William, which itself was an invasion of their privacy, but that the calls ‘have not been constructive’, “he was enraged.

“He’s basically spinning the future monarchs of Britain, and that’s disrespectful to one, but doing it with your own family, this is Harry’s brother and his father, I don’t know how you can trust them again.” .

“Could you trust a family member who … immediately rings the anchor for a great American breakfast show?” Morgan reiterated. “All to keep the pot boiling and get them talking about themselves, which is ultimately their only currency. Otherwise they’re just a couple more celebrities in Huckster’s way.”

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