Pierce Morgan rebukes media for not saying Biden’s ‘Trump-size lie’ about vaccine rollout

Pearce Morgan blasted the US news media for failing to call President Biden’s “Trump-sized lie” about the coronovirus vaccine rollout.

Morgan said, “President Biden told Trump-size lies about the vaccine roll-out, but the American media was very angry. In the headline of his Daily Mail Peace, published on Monday.

The outspoken British journalist began beating President Biden on his promise to be truthful to the American people, but he “could not help himself and loved Trump, shameless, bare-faced, bashing the media” Blurted out the rage. “


Morgan pointed to Biden’s repeated goal of achieving 100 million vaccinated Americans within 100 days of his presidency, and how the current rollout was implemented by the Trump administration has already matched that rate. Is, it is called the “under-promise, over-delivery type”. Sneaky political spin.

Morgan said the lie came from Biden’s exchange with a reporter last Friday, accusing the media of doubting his long-term goal, saying it was “not possible”.

“It was complete nonsense,” Morgan reacted. “Nobody in the mainstream media called them qualified to comment, it was impossible … They chose to show off to the media. They were attacked by everyone for an impossible promise. And they did that To draw them right on the weakness of their vows. “

The co-host of “Good Morning Britain” expressed that he had expected the American media to “start doing for Biden, noting that he was elected to Trump from the moment he was elected and his Caught the feet in a ferocious fire “, but instead,” The open claws did it in a very tight manner. “

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Morgan wrote, “With the exception of Fox News … America’s News Network and newspapers have fought among themselves as to who can win the title of greatest Biden Toddy.”

Morgan cited evicted New York Times editor Lauren Wolfe citing several instances of reporters saying that Biden was “chilling” prior to Washington DC’s arrival, before CNN’s Anderson Cooper inaugurated Trump as “a fat Described as “turtle”. Flowing in strong sunlight.

“I have no desire to defend Donald Trump, whose handling of the epidemic was utterly embarrassing and a primary factor that the US has received by far the worst death in the world. But to show off his administration Nothing has been done on the delivery of the vaccination; in fact the Biden administration is a lie concerning the vaccine. And ironically, the main reason President Biden would comfortably hit his 100-meter target is because his predecessor already had the required daily levels The vaccine roll-out was found. All this for the disruptive self-promoting vaccine bull —? “Morgan asked.

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“Sadly, I’m afraid because liberal torch bearers in the media are hesitant to illuminate Jyoti because Biden is one of them … who is treating Biden and his administration as a non-questioning hero-worshiper Is. Stop immediately. And the media needs to start their work properly. Otherwise, 75 million Trump voters who suspected that there was a media bias against their boy, all those doubts on a daily basis with their very eyes Would be confirmed first and that would be cement. Rather than repairing the shockingly partisan reform that has overshadowed America in recent years, “he concluded.

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