Picture on iOS 14 No Long Working Picture with YouTube’s Mobile Website in Safari

In iOS 14 Apple added Picture in Picture to the iPhone, a feature designed to let you watch video in a small screen on your device while you continue to do other work on the phone.

When Picture in Picture was working with YouTube

The YouTube app does not support Picture in Picture, but until yesterday there was a functional workaround that allowed videos from YouTube.com to be viewed in Safari in Picture in Picture mode.
To date, that workaround is gone, and it is unclear whether this bug or intentionally removed. Attempting to use Picture in Picture in a video on the mobile YouTube website simply does not work. When tapping the Picture in Picture button the full screen mode pops the video for seconds, but it immediately returns to the website, so it cannot be used as a picture in the picture window.

Picture in Picture works with YouTube.com on iPad.com, and embedded YouTube videos on third-party sites like MacRumors.com are able to play in Picture in Picture mode, but Picture in Picture works on the YouTube website not doing.
We tested the picture yesterday with YouTube for Picture in Picture and as you can see below, it was working fine. No updates have been made for iOS or Safari since, so it is unclear what is happening.

For now, Picture in Picture is no longer working with the mobile YouTube website, but there is another workaround. If you request a desktop site on YouTube.com in Safari, you can get Picture in Picture to work as you want.