PICS: Stunning pictures present the Northern Lights over Ireland on Tuesday evening


Breathtaking scenes…

Ireland is not famend as being vantage level for the Aurora Borealis, however you’d have been forgiven for considering it was judging by a few of these pictures captured on Tuesday evening.

First up somewhat explainer of what the Aurora Borealis really is. We know it is these inexperienced lights within the sky, however what causes these unusual and delightful sights to brighten our skies?

Charged particles are blown from the Sun by way of area by photo voltaic winds and the lethal cosmic radiation comes hurtling in direction of Earth.

But fortunately, Earth has an invisible barrier towards this radiation and these particles are deflected away by Earth’s magnetic area. But the magnetic area is weaker on the poles, permitting some particles to enter Earth’s ambiance.

The electrically charged particles from the Sun collide with gases (oxygen, nitrogen and so on) in Earth’s ambiance inflicting them to mild up inflicting auroras across the magnetic poles of the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

The spectacular mild present was seen in areas round Ireland on Tuesday evening and pictures had been captured by members of the general public.

The under pictures had been captured by Eddie Doherty over Boyne and Drogheda…

More pictures had been captured by Kenneth Mc Donagh up in Donegal…

And Kenneth additionally created this glorious time-lapse…


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