Phyllis sends 3 young pitchers to complete David Phelps business

The Phillies completed their David Phelps trade with the Brewers on Friday afternoon, sending right-handed pitches Juan Geraldo, Israel Puello and Brandon Ramee to Milwaukee.

The Phils acquired Phelps for three players, named just before the August 31 trade deadline.

Phelps has fared poorly in seven matches with Philly, making eight runs and five homers in just 6 shock innings. He had 2.77 ERA and 0.69 WHIP with 20 strikes and two walks as a brewer.

Thursday night against the Mets, Phelps looked like the guy the Phillies thought they were meeting, hitting the side in the 1-2-3 inning.

Phelps has a $ 4.5 million club option on contract for 2021. It seemed that the day the Phillies acquired him, he acquired it, given his recent track record. It may still be worth exercising even if Phelps continues to scramble, as it is a relatively inexpensive price for a reliever that has been in effect since 2016. It would cost $ 250,000 to buy it.

All three pilers sent to Milwaukee were in the rookie ball. Ramey is 20, the other two are 19. Ramey was a 30th round pick in 2018. The Phillies signed Puello to the International Free Agency in 2017 for $ 460,000. Geraldo was also signed in 2017.

None of the three were ranked among the Phillies’ top 30 prospects by Baseball America or