Photos of perseverance on Mars: NASA shares images of a rover landing

He has barely gotten to know his new home on the Martian surface. However, Perseverance is already sending missives home.

Some of the first information transmitted from NASA’s new rover via a spacecraft orbiting Mars and back to Earth was data that indicated the rover was healthy after its “seven minute terror” from the top. from the planet’s atmosphere to the surface. He has also sent a couple of images. On Friday night, NASA shared one showing the rover landing. The image is from a video of the landing that has yet to be shared with the world.

The snapshot was taken from the spacecraft’s descent stage, which was part of the rover’s final landing maneuvers. Perseverance lowered to the Martian surface in tethers. Curiosity, the last rover to land on Mars, sent a stop motion movie of its descent. Perseverance, on the other hand, has cameras that were meant to capture video of the touchdown. We will see that soon.

In the coming weeks and months (and years!), We’ll become more familiar with Perseverance and all that it can tell us about Mars. However, we can get excited about the imaging capabilities right now. “Most Perseverance cameras capture color images,” says NASA. “After landing, two of the danger cameras (Hazcams) captured views from the front and rear of the rover, showing one of its wheels on Martian land.” You can also view an image from that angle here.

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