Photos: I tried Princess Diana’s morning routine during lockdown

  • I tried Princess Diana’s morning routine, and it helped me get out of my lockdown meltdown.
  • I started the morning before eating a plate of beans for breakfast and pink grapes.
  • Then, it was time to make Diana’s signature look – blue eyeliner and oversize sweater.
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The world fell in love with Princess Diana again after appearing in “The Crown”, the first glimpse of royal roller skating at Buckingham Palace.

The late Princess of Wales led a remarkable life, which has been documented through books, documentaries and vivid accounts from her former employees.

Like many Diana fans, I always wanted to know what it would be like to spend a day in the shoes of a princess – so I did the same earlier this week.

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Using articles from Insider, The Free Library and Hello! Magazine, I attempted to repeat Princess Diana’s morning routine. Here’s what the princess’s schedule allegedly was like:

  • Woke up at 7:30 am by a royal butler
  • Swim or stretch at Buckingham Palace
  • Breakfast: a can of beans and a pink grapefruit with orange juice
  • Get ready for the gym
  • A workout session at Chelsea Harbor Club

Part of Diana’s morning routine was that I would never do happily ever again

I decided to follow Diana’s morning routine on the work day, which meant that getting up at 7:30 in the morning was not a big shock to the call system. However, sadly I did not have a butler to wake me up.

According to a Saturday evening article in the 1989 Evening Post, which was republished by The Free Library, the princess traveled from her Kensington Palace home to Buckingham Palace, where she used the swimming pool and went for a stretch She went.

Since local gyms, leisure centers and swimming pools are currently closed due to the UK lockdown, I created a five-minute stretch routine from a video found on YouTube.

I admit, I am not usually the morning type of person – but just five minutes of movement helped me feel energetic for the day ahead.

Then it was time to prepare Diana’s favorite breakfast. I recently interviewed the Princess’s former chef Darren McGrady, who told me that royal beans, pink grapes and orange juice can be consumed.

“She wanted Heinz beans because someone told her they were low in carbs, low in fat and high in protein, which is great for someone to work with,” McGrady said.

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While baked beans are considered a common breakfast food in the UK, it is usually served as part of a cooked breakfast rather than being eaten as a meal. It is certainly unusual to have it served with grapes.

Diana Breakfast

Diana Breakfast: a glass of orange juice, a sliced ​​pink grape, and a plate of baked beans with toast.

Mikhaila Frail / Insider

I usually have granola and a small bowl of fruit for my breakfast, so consuming something in the form of cooked beans was definitely a challenge.

However, I can see where Diana’s argument comes from. The Heinz website described the British version of the product as “high in fiber, high in protein and low in fat”, so I knew it would set me up well for my workout session later that day.

That being said, I could do without the grapes. Surprisingly, I had never tried it before – and I will not try it again. The sour taste means I can barely get through one bite.

Next, it was time to create the ‘Diana look’

Diana was known for her daring blue eyeliner, which she wore to many engagements in the 1980s. The princess endorsed Elizabeth Arden’s Blue Kohl 636 pencil, which she applied to her lower lash line, Hello! Magazine report

I used an exaggerated aqua sparkle pencil from Rimmel London. Here’s how the finished look compared to Diana:

Mikhaila, Diana Blue Eyeliner

I followed the princess’s favorite makeup look.

Mikhaila Frail / Insider, Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Image

Since I work from home, I don’t usually wear makeup. Back when I was going to the office in London (before the UK lockdown earlier last year), I would never have worn such a bold color on my eyes.

I must say, it was a surprisingly good change, and made me feel like I should be important somewhere else – a rare emotion during lockdown.

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I tried to recreate one of the princess outfits. Since I was planning to work later that day, I decided to imitate the royal’s oversized sweater and bicycle shorts she wore to the Chelsea Harbor Club in 1997.

Diana, mithila dress

I wore a dress similar to the one Diana wore in gym sessions in 1997.

Holton Archive / Getty Images, Mikhaila Frail / Insider

I opted to wear my Inglewood / California sweater – which I bought last year from Nasty Cheeks for £ 32 ($ 43) – with a pair of black shorts.

Talking about Diana’s exercise routine, there were many options

I finished my morning with a workout inspired by Diana.

According to Diana’s former personal trainer Jenny Rivet, the princess enjoyed a variety of exercises, including step aerobics, power walks, and roller blading. He was also often seen at his local gym, Chelsea Harbor Club.

The princess was an avid cyclist, and has several photos of her cycling around Kensington before her engagement with Prince Charles, as well as a 1989 vacation to the Skill Islands with her family.

Princess Diana Cycling

Princess Diana and Prince Harry cycling during the holiday.

PA Images via Getty Image

Unfortunately, I do not own all the equipment necessary to follow most of Shahi’s favorite activities – but I have an exercise bike.

I cycled 30 minutes on the bike at home. Since the gyms are closed at the moment, it was a welcome activity and something I missed doing regularly.

mikhaila exercise bike

I spent 30 minutes on an exercise bike.

Mikhaila Frail / Insider

Having beans for breakfast earlier that day also meant that I get plenty of energy for workouts, which I have found myself struggling with from time to time in the past.

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Overall, it was a fun and productive end to an already excellent morning routine – with the exception of grapes.

My favorite part was to recreate the “Diana look”. The blue eyeliner pushed me out of my comfort zone. It helped me feel less like I was stuck at home despite having no specific reason to leave the house that day.

Spending the morning like a princess was a fantastic distraction from the lockdown, and boosting the final mood. I encourage everyone – especially those working from home – to try it.

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