Photos: Guests evacuated after fire are locked in Millennium Falcon: Smugglers at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It seems that Hendo, again as a guest, was recently pulled from the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler Run attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios today. Currently, the attraction reflects a 45-minute wait, as the queue had to be emptied as the fire alarm went off.

Guests are reporting that the area smells like smoke, with cast members doing their best to control the situation in the Millennium Falcon courtyard.

according to this MagicalNewsLIVE on Twitter, It appears that guests were allowed to return to the queue, but the queue has not yet moved:

At this time, it is unconfirmed as to what caused the fire, and no one was injured. The Resistance Forest, once again down for the Over Day by Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, lagged behind in boarding groups with only 50 to 55 groups to date. Elsewhere in the park, Mickey and Minnie’s runway railway and the Slinky Dog Dash are also currently closed.

Featured Image: MagicalNewsLIVE on Twitter