Photo Journalist Nick Ut, who gained fame with the Vietnam War, attacked D.C.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning photo journalist who photographed a famous Nepali girl during the Vietnam War was attacked in Washington, DC

As NBC Washington reported, photographer Nick Nick went to dinner with a friend Thursday night when someone approached him and punched him.

“What happened last night, we got into trouble,” he said. “I don’t really see that guy deal with me last night, and hear me screaming, but it’s too late for me, and he already punches.”

The 70-year-old Yut, born in Vietnam, said he fell to the ground and found a metal fence around a tree.

Nine-year-old Kim Fu moves to the center, near Trang Bang, Vietnam, after the June 8, 1972 Hawaii Napalam attack.Nick UT / AP File

He elaborated the attack in an Instagram post.

“He wrote that my waist hurt and my ribs, back and left leg hurt. My leg has metal from mortar in the Vietnam War.” “Secret Service to come and help so fast.”

Mark Edward Harris, an award-winning photographer and longtime friend of Ut, told NBC Washington that he took a picture of Ut after the attack. He said the suspect was apprehended by the police.

The day before the attack, Ut received the National Art Award from President Donald Trump. The Secret Service did not immediately return a request for comment on Saturday and it is unclear whether Ut was targeted or the attack was random.

Ut became famous for a 1972 photo he made of 9-year-old Kim Phuc walking down a street following a napkin attack during the Vietnam War.

According to The Associated Press, after taking the photo, they took the girl to the hospital, where doctors were able to save her.

UT, who worked for AP until he retired from the outlet in 2017, has won several awards, including the 1973 Pulitzer Prize. He is the first journalist to receive the National Medal of Arts, the highest award given by the federal government.

Ut told NBC Washington that he plans to live in DC through the opening of the photo taking.

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