Philly’s secret weapon shines in Overwatch League debut

Photo: Robert Paul (Blizzard Esports)

Many teams debuted with their new players during the start weekend of the second stage of the Overwatch League, but the one that possibly caused the most Impact was on the list for a while. It just was not until these last days that he came to show why he won a place in the team of Philly Overwatch

Josh "Eqo" Corona is a native of Israel, where he played for Zengaming eSports as well as the team of the World Cup of Israel Overwatch . In November of last year, he was announced as one of the 12 players at Philadelpha Fusion. However, during the first stage, he was visibly absent.

This past weekend, Corona had his chance. He was in the starting lineup for the Fusion in DPS, taking the stage in Los Angeles for the first time. In consecutive sweeps against Boston Uprising and Florida Mayhem, Corona made a strong defense of the starting point.

Corona is pasted mainly to Genji along the eight maps he played this weekend, showing incredible skill in a hero who can vary from hot to cold depending on the player. Find the key moments to draw your dragon sword or predict the attack of an enemy with a point reflex. The view of the spectator captured a perfect moment, where Corona fell on the grouped Insurrection and broke through among them.

Through the clean sweep of eight Philadelphia maps, Corona shined, getting a lot of murders and the latter after the latter. The threads started asking "who is this guy Eqo?" As for the first presentations, Corona could not have had much better.

Philadelphia seemed to be somewhere in the middle during the first leg of the league, either on the cusp of greatness or about to succumb to the squads below them, seeking to climb. With Corona finally at stake, Philly has a new tool in her arsenal.

The Fusion are currently 2-0 in the second stage, and will face an even bigger test next week when they face Houston Outlaws and London Spitfire. If the action was missed during the weekend, you can check each match and map in the files Overwatch League Twitch.

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