Phillies have a terrible day and JT Realmuto, Rhys Hoskins need MRI

One day was as bad about Sunday as the Phillies could be a Major League Baseball team.

He was twice beaten 2–1 and 8–1 to fall to third place behind the Marlins.

In one of those losses, they were stunned by their former top prospect.

He had to put one of his initial pitchers on the injured list.

Their No. 2 hitter Rice Hawkins and No. 4 hitter JT Realmuto both missed the game after being injured on Saturday night.

Holkins and Realmuto will undergo an MRI, said Phillis manager Joe Girardi. Hopefully those people did it Monday.

Realmuto is operating with hip discomfort. Girdhari was sure that he expected Realmuto to advance the time. Whether it is a few days or a few weeks is unknown.

“It is a real concern for anyone to have an MRI at any time,” Girdhari said. “We want to know what’s really going on, it can give us a better way to treat it and expect to know how long they’re going to be out. Is it going to be 3 to 5 days Is, is it going to be 10 days, what is it going to be? So we are doing an MRI. ”

21-year-old catcher Rafael Marchon was called on Sunday to serve as insurance behind the plate. Girdhari says that he is going to play.

Hoskins is working with a sharp cell. His arm bounced back on a tag play on Saturday night. His X-rays were negative.

Girdhari said, “Other people have to get up, that’s all.”

There was little good news: Zack Wheeler is scheduled for a full-season bullpen season on Monday and if it goes well, he will start Thursday at Citizen Bank Park at some point in the Mets’ series.

The 23-22 Phillies end with the 23-21 Marlins at 4:10 pm on Monday. They have lost six of nine meetings to the Marlins since 9–10 last year. Vince Velasquez will pitch in the series finale.