Philips Hue launches a long-awaited light switch module and more

Signal is today introducing three new Philips Hue products: an existing light switch, a new outdoor light bar, and an in-wall Hue module for a sophisticated dimmer.

The Philips Hue Wall Switch Module fixes a problem that has long been faced by Hue Smart Light owners. Namely, you install a so-called “smart” one bulb in a lamp or ceiling fixture and then marvel at your ability to control it from your phone until a roommate turns off the wall switch and turns the bulb Cut off power, making your expensive bulb useless. The new wall switch module – powered by a battery with a lifespan of at least five years, as indicated – puts intelligence right inside the wall to make the switch smarter. Unfortunately, the switch module does not make regular lights smart, it only controls Hue smart lights. The Hue Wall Switch Module will cost $ 39.95 / € 39.95, or $ 69.95 / € 69.95 for a two-pack when it launches in Europe in March, followed by summer in North America.

All the details about the in-wall installation can be seen here Hublog If you are interested in replacing your home lighting switch with Hue.

Some installation and basic electrical knowledge is required.
Image: Philips Hue

The Philips Hue Amarant is a $ 169.99 / € 149.99 light bar that can be installed on the street to bathe on the side of a fence in a house, hedgerow or multi-colored lights. The Emarant measures 79.5-cm (31 in) wide and a maximum of 1,400 lumens. This requires a Hue power supply unit which can be purchased separately. The Philips Hue Amarant is now available in Europe but will not ship to North America until early March.

Two Amit on one power supply.
Image: Philips Hue

Take a shower on an outdoor wall in the light.
Image: Philips Hue

Finally, there is an upgrade to the magnetic Philips Hue Dimmer Switch with a detachable wall plate that lets your family and guests control the Hue light without the app. Unlike the new in-wall module, the dimer is a faux wall switch that adheres to any wall with tape. At least in Europe, the new dimmer reduces the list price slightly by origin Hublog, While retaining all of the same functionality in a somewhat sophisticated form. It is available for $ 24.99 in Europe starting January 26 before arriving in North America on February 19.

The magnetic dimer can be attached to a wall plate or disassembled for use as a remote.
Image: Philips Hue

Update by 9:08 am on January 14: Add additional details about the wall switch module.

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