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Trump predicts that Iran speaks very soon & # 39;


Several Iranian public figures say it is impossible to imagine negotiations with Washington after it broke the nuclear agreement in May

Published 9:10 AM, August 1, 2018

Updated at 9:10 AM, 01 August, 2018

  IRAN TALKS? In this file photo, the president of EE. UU., Donald Trump, walks towards Marine One in the south garden of the White House. Stock Photo of Brendan Smialowski / AFP

IRAN TALKS? In this file photo, the president of EE. UU., Donald Trump, walks towards Marine One in the south garden of the White House. Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP

TAMPA, United States – US President Donald Trump suggested on Tuesday, July 31 that talks with arch-enemy Iran were imminent, despite the silence of the leaders of the Islamic Republic to his offer a meeting. [19659006] There was skepticism in Iran about possible talks, with a lawmaker who said the negotiations would be a "humiliation".

The country's top leaders did not give an immediate response to Trump's statement a day before he would find them "at any time" without preconditions.

"I have the feeling that they will talk to us very soon," Trump said at a rally in Tampa, Florida, before adding, "And maybe not, and that's fine too."

He also took advantage of the occasion to explode again the "horrible and unilateral" nuclear agreement of 2015 between Iran and the world powers from which the US president withdrew.

"It's a horror show," Trump said.

"I hope it works out well with Iran, they are now having many difficulties" [19659006] The United States will begin to reimpose total sanctions against Iran from August 6, a measure that has already contributed to a major currency crisis with the rial losing two thirds of its value in 6 months.

Several Iranian public figures said it was impossible to imagine negotiations with Washington after it broke the nuclear agreement in May.

"With the derogatory statements (Trump) addressed to Iran, the idea of ​​negotiating is inconceivable – it would be a humiliation," said Ali Motahari, deputy speaker of parliament, according to the conservative Fars News.

Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said: "The United States is not trustworthy … After withdrawing arrogantly and unilaterally from the nuclear agreement, how can it be trusted?"

Last week, Trump launched a diatribe over his counterpart Hassan Rouhani on Twitter, warning of unspeakable "suffering" if Iran continued to threaten the United States.

Many in Iran are therefore suspicious of their latest change of attitude.

"We can not negotiate with someone who violates international commitments, threatens to destroy countries and constantly changes his position," said analyst Mohammad Marandi, of the University of Tehran, who was part of the nuclear negotiation team.

Some officials remained more receptive.

"Negotiations with the United States should not be taboo," said Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, head of parliament. Foreign Affairs Committee, in an interview with the semi-official news agency ISNA.

"Trump understands that he does not have the capacity to make war on Iran, but due to historical distrust," We have been destroyed, "Falahatpisheh said, adding that this left him no choice but to work to reduce tensions. 19659006] Motahari added that the intransigents, who have long opposed any rapprochement with the United States, share the blame for the collapse of the nuclear agreement.

"If the entire Iranian system had worked to implement this agreement, today we would witness the presence of European companies in Iran and their investments, and even Trump could not withdraw so easily from the agreement, "he said.

" But from the beginning, one part of the system did not want the agreement to work. "[19659006] & # 39; Perhaps an opportunity & # 39;

On the streets of Tehran, meanwhile, the focus remained resolutely on the internal economic difficulties of Iran.

"Tod We believe that Trump is the enemy of Iran and the Iranian people. But now maybe Trump wants to give the Iranian people a chance and, God willing, it could be a way to overcome our disastrous situation, "added Hushiar, a 50-year-old office manager.

Many Iranians find it hard to believe that you can trust the man who is trying to destroy your economy and you have forbidden them to fly to the USA

"If you are honest in your words, you want to negotiate with us without preconditions, you should at least stay in the JCPOA (nuclear agreement) or should allow us to obtain the benefits of European trade, "said Morteza Mehdian, a software engineer in his 20s.

" But the reality is that this man is a liar and we can not trust his word. . "

For now, this is also the official line, with the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, saying earlier this month that talking to Trump would be" useless. "

The Ministry of Affairs spokesman Foreign Bahram Ghasemi on Monday, July 30, said that "there is no possibility of talks," before Ump's declaration.

"Washington reveals its unworthy nature on a day-to-day basis," Ghasemi said. News Mehr aligned with conservatives.

The Trump administration says its "maximum pressure campaign" is designed to force Iran to a new agreement that goes beyond limiting its nuclear program and includes restrictions on its regional behavior and missile program – Rappler.com


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