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Sing along with the best hits of Rita Ora and vote for her best music video in honor of her birthday at People's Choice Awards


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It's time to do a dance party because it's Rita prays28th birthday!

the 50 shades of gray Star has a lot to celebrate this year, including the release of her album last week and the incredible performance of the People's Choice Awards earlier this month.

As much as we would love to be with the fashion star for her big day, we are very happy to sing along with some of the great hits of the singer of "I Will Never Let You Down"!

On Friday, the British celebrity released their highly anticipated second album, Phoenix, and to say that it is a duty to listen is a euphemism.

This is not the first time, however, that Ora has caught our attention with his music. Who can forget when the singer was associated with Liam Payne To make oh-so-sexy "For You" a single? Or what happens when she made us all dance with the iconic release of "Tu canción"?

Take a look at some of the Left handed The best Star music videos below and then it's time for you to choose you The all-time favorite of Ora's songs. That's right, we know that everyone is very good, but we ask you to select the best of your best music videos in our survey!

Do not forget to show the actress and singer all the love of today too, because you know you want the same on your birthday.

"Let Me Love You"

Ora is becoming real in his latest song, "Let You Love Me", which delves into a story of self-destructive relationship. The video happens at a party in the house where it captures the attention of a stranger and then the night develops from there. The song reached the top 10 in nine countries, including the United Kingdom, where it became the 13th song of Ora to reach that milestone that broke the record of most of the 10 best songs of a British soloist.

"For you"

Ora and Payne bring the heat in the music video for "For You". The song appeared in Fifty released tones the soundtrack and the video is as spicy as one might expect. The couple filmed the music video in an impressive castle on Long Island and, if we are honest, only the special effects are a sufficient reason to see them.


Filmed throughout New York City, "Anywhere" was inspired by the 28-year-old star's desire to escape and take a road trip with his friends. Pray, of course, brings her A-game fashion to the music video, so it definitely should not be missed. If only we could accompany the singer's next trip … we do not even care where she goes!

"Your song"

Prepare to dance when you hear "Your song." The electro-pop single was co-written by a British singer. Ed Sheeran and it's so good. As for the music video, it's an ode to love that consumes everything and is wonderful.

"Body in me"

Things get difficult between Ora and Chris Brown in the video "Body on Me". This clip undoubtedly shows the hot chemistry of the duo, making it a must-see for fans of both artists. Seriously, it's almost as well hot to handle!


"Poison" tells the incredible story of falling in love with the wrong guy. In the music video, Ora gets her chance at fame as a model, but she has to deal with a less caring boyfriend who seems overwhelmed by her new attention.

"Black Widow"

Iggy Azalea joins the Left handed actress for the anthem of feminine power, "Black Widow". The music video begins with Azalea playing a waitress who watches Ora's toxic relationship before the women work together to take revenge on Ora's former controller. There's nothing we like more than seeing two stars linked together for a powerful track!

"I will never fail you"

Ora collaborated with her then boyfriend, Calvin Harris, to give life to the success of 2014 "I will never disappoint you". Harris served as writer and producer of the track, while Ora showed his vocal and dance skills in the music video. In addition, Ora shook the pink locks in the video, so really, what is not to love ?!

Ok, now is the time, what video is your first choice? Cast your vote and then be sure to wish Ora a happy birthday today!

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