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SHINee's key releases debut on the album & # 39; Face & # 39; and on the R & B single & # 39; One of those nights & # 39; with Crush: watch the video


It's been a decade since K-pop star Key (Kim Kibum) got his start as a member of the boy band SHINee. A popular singer, actor and television personality in South Korea, today presented a new version of himself (November 26) with the release of his first solo album, Face.

Key, the third member of SHINee who launched a solo project, goes for a funky, electro-pop in much of Face& # 39; s, but the album begins with an evocative note with the alternative R & B single "One of Those Nights". A duet with the soloist Crush, the song begins with a rhythmic rhythm and soft strings while Key sings sentimentally, showing his falsetto in the second verse before he slows down and Crush arrives with an addictive break to dance that marks the beginning of the rhythms of the exuberant house while the couple plays their voices one to the other for the rest of the song.

The single was released along with a video that features Key ruminating melancholy in a romance as he immerses himself in atmospheric lighting in a variety of environments, ranging from a forest to a subway car, while he longs for the woman he loves. At all times, the SHINee member shows off his elegant choreography, culminating in an artistic routine on the floor when the rain falls on Key and his backup dancers.

Watch the video below.

"One of Those Nights" kicks off a 10-track LP that is brimming with vibrations, like the "Honest" video-game synthesizers, the great punk-rock "Good Good" instrument, and the distorted, The Chorus of Daft Punk-esque from "Imagine". From beginning to end, the album shows the various tones and tastes of Key, and ends with the reflective "This Life", which according to the SHINee member reportedly, is based on the feelings of wanting to quit smoking Although he has no plans of abandoning music in the short term, and his reflections on his career in the last decade.

Before its release, the fans were already familiar with two of FaceThe songs, the single prior to the album "Forever Yours", which featured the soloist SoYou, and the dramatic, Skrillex co-wrote the track of EDM "Chemicals", which Key made during an event of the Seoul Fashion Week in October .

This year has been a very busy year for Key, who has released several albums with SHINee and who appears on a remix of "Si es sobre mí" for years and years in July. SHINee most recently reached number 4 on the list of albums in the world with their The history of light Trilogy of the EPs.

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