Russian Theories & Dolls & # 39; keep a bend

If you thought so Russian doll (with Natasha Lyonne's show) only back Happy Happy Day and / no Groundhog Siteyou are wrong Although elements are similar to going back the same day after dying, it will be deeper with issues of chronic inflammation and mental illness.

If you've seen this short series (there are only eight programs that are almost 30 minutes long), you may think you're unfortunately Nadia and Allan (Charlie Barnett) have been done. They already rescued each other and stopped the death loop afterwards. But there's good news here: The series is tiled for three seasons, and we may get new programs by 2020.

That said we talk Russian doll theories and how some of them connect each other in the sequence. And yes, they can be as dark as the show itself. Keep reading to find out!


The concept of a suspension was built several times Russian dollAfterwards Allan says that they could repeat their death because they have not stopped for their sins. It's really true because in Catholicism and Judaism, a purgatory is seen as a purifying place and is similar to those who did the main musicians in the series.

Nadia needed to accept her feeling that she is up to her mother's death and her. bringing back the hopeful little girl about life. At the same time, Allan needed to forgive her lover and not to attack those who had lost her. relationships. Once they've achieved them, they'll go to them. died once again and they were "cure" in the last program.

Wild hawthorn Nadia

Nadia is renowned for her red hair and she laments forever, though it is unfit. At one time in the series, a homeless man called Horse to cut her hair short and naked; ask her This offer would continue in other programs.

At first, you would think this is one of the horseshoe at Horse. But Polygon suggests that it might be a meter-like measure; in her hair to get away Nadia's baby's cattle. When she was a child, she was tell her mother that her hair is a "glossy glossy" and she should not spend her in a ponytail. This also shows a & # 39; I think it's a kind of shepherd who is in a horse in the world that is similar to his; Purgator The same question is if we see more of it in the sequence.

Oatmeal may not be true

First of all, I like Oatmeal is the cat and I do not want it to be wild of Nadia's imagination. GameSpot allows access to & # 39; Explain that oatmeal and the horse can be the same as both of them are always at the same time; park and have no permanent home. In addition, they can be seen together in the "hygiene" accuracy of Nadia.

That said, I personally believe that he may have been a keeper; in Oatmeal ceilidh in Disney Pixar's CoconutSouth Africa is put out there.

"Secret" Allan

On the first piece of Russian doll, he showed her first death at Nadia where she had a car. But when she told Allan about his first death, he says he did not remember him. Afterwards, he says he jumped from a building after he broke up to his lover nine years.

This may have an important part in the sequence because it could investigate Alan's mental health. Digital Spy identified a Reddit theory that Alan could have been in & # 39; jump several times before it becomes difficult. Declaration? Nadia will again drop down the stairs and her; Dying in paper 2 since they are constantly dying and reviving at the same time. This also explains why Allan is listening to podcast podcasts for the start of his day.

A chicken darn sin

One of the main points of the Nadia anniversary party (the night she died and first revived) was the hen that made Maxine and how nobody was eating it. You think it's a funny thing. , but if you want to go deeper, a Twitter account is dedicated Russian doll Theories show that the hen can be sympathetic for fear. Here is their knowledge:

So if you see chicken in the future Russian doll episodes, you know what it is.

Art by Marian Hukom

Images licensed by Netflix

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