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Only this Sunday, Fortnite players can get a free exclusive Walmart spray


Are you looking to improve your Fortnite sprays collection? This weekend, you have the opportunity to buy an exclusive Walmart spray for free. This opportunity is here for a limited time (like in a single day). So you're going to want to take the opportunity while you can.

How to get the exclusive Walmart spray at Fortnite

If you want the exclusive Walmart spray, you must visit Walmart on Sunday, December 2.North Dakota at 2 in the local afternoon. Not all Walmart locations participate, so you should check to see if yours is.

Participating stores will have a battle bus in the store, as described in the tweet below.

The tweet says: "There will be a Fortnite battle bus in the store. This Battle Bus will have brochures with the aerosol code for you to redeem. "

According to the promotion that Walmart published on YouTube, they are offering "One code per customer, while supplies last."

You may have heard that some people have already obtained the spray. This is not correct. It was the result of a mishap related to the spray "Boogie" season 5, which was updated by mistake (or possibly for testing purposes) with the appearance of the Walmart spray. As corrected, the "Boogie" spray now looks like it originally did it again. You can learn more about this in the following video.

The Walmart spray features a disco ball with a fluorescent purple mohawk, a pair of blue sunglasses and a bright smile. Do not miss the opportunity to get it. Go to Walmart on Sunday at 2 in the afternoon and good luck. In the meantime, keep up with all VGR news and updates.

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