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Everything you need to know about amnesty in the UAE 2018

People who lodge illegally in the country can apply for amnesty.

Q: What is the duration of the amnesty?

A: Residents can apply for amnesty for three months from August 1 to October 31

Q: Who are the people eligible for the amnesty?

A: People who are illegally in the country can apply for amnesty.

Q: What are the two options available to illegal amnestied residents?

A: Those who wish to leave the country can return to their home countries without paying fines or facing the end of the jail. Or people can regularize their status by obtaining a new visa under a sponsor.

Q: Will those who entered the country illegally receive amnesty?

A: Yes. But they will leave the country with a two-year ban.

Q: Will there be a permanent ban on re-entry into the UAE for those who use the amnesty?

A: No. There will be no prohibition, and people can re-enter the country with valid visas.

Q: Will the applicant have to pay fines exceeded before modifying their illegal status?

A: No. Applicants for amnesty will receive an exemption from all fines exceeded.

Q: What kind of violations will not be included in the amnesty plan?

R: The people who have been included in the blacklist and also those who have legal cases against them are not eligible for the amnesty. All residence violations will fall under the amnesty scheme.

Q: Can the amnesty petition those who have a flight report against them?

A: Yes, the immigration authorities will eliminate the flight report and issue the exit permit without prohibition. [19659004] Q: Can applicants who modify their status apply for jobs in the UAE?

A: Yes. Applicants can register in the virtual job market available on the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization

Q: How long can those who modified their residence status stay in the country to search job?

A: Persons seeking work may obtain a temporary six-month visa to seek employment.

Q: How can residents apply for amnesty?

A: Illegal residents who wish to leave the country can go to the Immigration Department and obtain the exit permit. [19659004] Q: What are the documents that residents should send?

A: Residents must present the original passport or the EC (emergency certificate). They also need to present an air ticket along with the application.

Q: What is the fee to request the exit permit?

A: A fee of Dh220 is charged on the exit permit.

Q: What? Is the fee to modify the state of residence?

A: A fee of Dh500 is charged.

Q: Can residents without a passport apply for amnesty?

A: Yes, residents without a passport can also submit an application.

Q: What is the period of time to leave the country after obtaining the exit pass?

A: People have to leave within 10 days of getting the exit pass.

Q: How can those who can not enter Immigration attend? Amnesty?

A: Immigration will issue exit permits based on medical reports or a letter from the embassy or consulate.

Q: How many amnesty service centers have established authorities in the UAE?

A: A total of nine centers have been established in the centers of the General Directorates of Residence and Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates [1]. 9659004] Q: Where are the centers in Abu Dhabi?

A: Al Ain, Shahama and Al Garbia

Q: Where can people send their documents in Dubai?

A: At the Al Aweer immigration center [19659004] Q: What is the location of other emirates?

A: The amnesty centers are located in the immigration offices in the emirates.

Q: What are the hours of the centers?

A: The amnesty service centers will open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Q: What benefits will amnesty bring to families from countries devastated by war such as Syria and Yemen?

R: They will be granted a residence visa for one year without restrictions. .

Ask for help from your embassies

> Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi
02 449 2700

> Consulate General of India, Dubai
056 546 3903 ([email protected] )

> Embassy of the Philippines, Abu Dhabi
02 639 0006

> Philippine Consulate General, Dubai
04 220 7100 [19659050]> Embassy of Pakistan, Abu Dhabi
02 444 7800 [19659046]> Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai
04 397 3600

> Embassy of Indonesia, Abu Dhabi
02 445 4448

> Consulate General of Indonesia, Dubai
04 398 5666

> Embassy of Bangladesh, Abu Dhabi
02 446 5100

> Consulate General of Bangladesh, Dubai
04 238 8199

> Embassy of Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi
02 631 6444

> Consulate General of Sri Lanka, Dubai
04 398 6535

> Embassy of Nigeria, Abu Dhabi
02 443 1503

> Consulate General Nigeria, Dubai
04 352 2505

> Embassy of Uzbekistan, Abu Dhabi
02 448 8215

> Uzbekistan Consulate General, Dubai
04 370 6060

> Consulate General of Uzbekistan Sudan, Dubai
04 397 7722

> Consulate General of Egypt, Dubai
04 397 1122

> Embassy of Nepal, Abu Dhabi
02 634 4767

> Consulate General of Malaysia, Dubai
04 398 5843

> Embassy of Ethiopia in Abu Dhabi

> Consulate of Ethiopia in Dubai

[email protected]

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