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Dabing Espinosa leaves office as village chief


CONTROVERSIAL Barangay Captain Keith "Dabing" Espinosa has finally canceled it.

In a letter dated November 25, 2018, addressed to Mayor José Espinosa III of the city of Iloilo, Espinosa irrevocably resigned as punong barangay de Barangay Mónica, city of Iloilo effectively.

The lady's village chief resigned after her mayor, who is also her uncle-in-law, "had disapproved of my request to extend the leave of absence without citing any legal basis."

The letter, which was received in Espinosa's office on Monday, Espinosa also said: "Serving the people of Barangay Mónica has a lot of pride and honor." It is simply unfortunate that I finish my term in this way. "

"I can assure you that even in my absence, my Barangay is in good hands with my very active Barangay officials and SK officers."

Espinosa has ensured continuous support for his people and the city of Iloilo, as a private citizen.

On July 11, 2018, Espinosa began a possible conversation between her and Chief Superintendent John Bulalacao, Chief of Police of Western Visayas.

But his request was denied outright.

Then he was absent from July 21 to August 21.

When the leave was about to end, she again took a leave of absence that ended on November 21, citing that she needs to attend to some personal issues.

In his absence, the number 1 councilman of the town, his uncle Antonio Espinosa, took charge.

Last week, he again asked Espinosa for an indefinite license, but his uncle denied his request and even hinted that he would rather resign.

Drug links

Bulalaca refused to meet Dabing due to his alleged links to drugs.

For Dabing to seek an audience with the region's chief police officer, "she needs to be fired from her participation in illegal drugs," Bulalacao said.

But for Bulalacao, Espinosa continues to be involved in illegal drugs. In fact, being a Barangay official, she is classified as a high-value drug personality (HVT) 3 as a "protector".

Dabing tried to meet with the PNP official because he feared for his life, but insisted he was not involved in illegal drugs.

Initially, Bulalacao claimed that he was willing to talk to Espinosa, but changed his mind after learning that she had been subjected to Oplan Tokhang.

It should be noted that Councilman Plaridel Nava previously called Espinosa and two other ladies ladies barangay as "Tres Marías".

Both are Remia Prevendido Gregori de Barangay and Noemi Jablo de Desamparados, Jaro.

Gregori, sister of the murdered Western Visayas drug trafficker, Richard Prevendido, was killed by an unidentified gunman on June 24, 2018 at his family resort in San Joaquin, Iloilo.

Meanwhile, Jablo was arrested in a shabu purchase operation on the afternoon of July 10, 2018.

Dabing, who earned his grandfather, Frank "Antak" Espinosa, is the wife of the high-value drug personality of Jesus "Jing-Jing" Espinosa, Jr.

Jing-Jing, who was a kagawad barangay, is now imprisoned in Iloilo district prison in Pototan, Iloilo.

He was considered one of the most trusted men of Melvin Odicta, Sr.

In October 2016, a series of criminal and administrative charges were filed against Eapinosa and two other village officials in connection with the anti-illegal drug raid against her husband.

The Regional Group of Special Operations 6 (RAIDSOTG-6), now defunct, against illegal drugs, slapped them with charges of obstruction of justice, corrupt practices, misconduct, improper conduct and irregularity in the fulfillment of duty under the paragraphs of Section 1 e) and (h) of PD 1829 under Sections 3 (a) of the Republic Act 3019 (Anti-Graft and Corruption Practices Act) and other relevant rules and regulations.

In May 2017, Dabing Espinosa appeared at police station 1 in the city of Iloilo to deny his participation in illegal drugs.

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