Continuation of the Facebook war between Tom O., Labella

City Manager of Cebu, Tomas Osmeña (left) and opponent in the ocean race, Deputy Mayor Edgardo Labella, has agreed to a live debate led by IBP Cebu City. CDN Digital

CEBU CITY, Philippines – The war will continue online between the two religious candidates of Cebu City as the elections in May 13 stood near it.

The online exchange by Professor Tomas Osmeña began a series of documents, which showed that the former Grandfather of Edgardo Labella asked for the full-power bike controlled by Odelo Ybañez to be commissioned. line from the police.

Osmeña, the normal carrier of Bando Osmeña-Pundok, produced the documents showing a minority affidavit of Ybañez saying he had been specifically asked if he would be voting for Labella in the elections to come.

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Ybañez said he would vote for Labella.

According to the written certificate, Ybañez was not given a harassment page and he was waiting for help from Labella so that he could return his bike.

“With the removal of the bike the driver even found a TOP or dismissal bill, but was told that he wanted to go to Labella. These are the policeman who told the tumor. said captains whose houses had gone on to Labella, ”said Osmeña through his post.

Labella, a typical carrier of Partido Barug-PDP Laban, responded to these allegations via his own Facebook page saying Osmeña was unable to use the documents against him for following his procedure.

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“Unlike you, I always follow procedures (ie the letter), and I will not break an illegal reparation (for remand) from outgoing prison. And fear the police. Kanang said Tom is getting rid of illegal! ”Labella said.

Labella also named Osmeña as a very hard act and it was the supporters of the body who opposed the police to be the children of children of the “tragic candidate”.

Osmeña responded in his own occupations that Labella said he was afraid of Cebuanos to vote for him.

The factor also said Labella was the driving force behind the disasters in Barangays Malubog, Sudlon II and Sinsin.

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Labella also refused to complain as well as another Facebook post that he did not have any control over the police.

“I have no control over the NPP (Philippine National Police), Mr Osmena. Your review that I can only do is the PNP that is doing the best so that Cebu City can have honest, orderly and peaceful elections, ”said Labella.

In response, Osmeña challenged Labella to win the slate of the Partido Barug-PDP Laban and the loss of former Mayor Mike Rama, who would run as Labella sub-tenant, in the Southern District.

Labella disagreed with this new campaign on Facebook but replied to the media following the special session held on Friday, 12 April.

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He confessed that he signed the letter of agreement with Ybañez, but said he was out of public service and didn't ask for a declaration of allegiance.

“Akong purpose hangyo lang, ask airon matabangan ang kabus. (My reason was to ask the police and the poor to help.) It was just a request, I would never put anything at all, ”said Labella.

Labella said that Osmeña's charges were unfair to him and that he had always attended the population without discrimination.

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