Philadelphia police to release 911 tape, body cam footage in Black Man shooting –

Philadelphia police to release 911 tape, body cam footage in Black Man shooting

Philadelphia police announced Wednesday that the department would release 911 tapes and body camera footage, including the Monday shooting and killing of a black man who sparked protests on days in the city that sometimes turned violent .

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said at a press conference on Wednesday that the evidence would be released to the public after it was shared with the family of Walter Wallace Jr. The Associated Press.

A lawyer representing Wallace’s family said late Tuesday The family requested an ambulance In the 911 call because Wallace was allegedly a Mental health crisis before fatal encounter with police.

Outlaw said the city’s police department needed a method to connect a behavioral health unit or police call with mental health professionals.

According to the AP, Outlaw told reporters, “There is clearly a disconnect at our end, in terms of knowing what is.”

Officials said Police shot Wallace on Monday afternoon After asking a 27-year-old man to drop the knife. according to this Philadelphia Police spokesman Tanya Little, Wallace then “advanced to two police officers”, prompting them to fire Wallace “multiple times.”

While it is not clear in the video footage of the incident if Wallace was carrying a knife, several witnesses said he was holding one as he headed toward authorities.

Wallace, who was struck in the shoulder and chest, was then taken to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

There have been more than 90 people since Monday Approximately 50 police officers were arrested and clashed with protesters, the AP reported.

Some protesters looted places around the city with AP and vandalized them, reporting that around 1,000 people broke into a shopping center Tuesday night, smashing windows and stealing products.

During the demonstrations Monday night, While attempting to disperse the mob of officers, police vehicles and dumpers were set on fire.

According to police, preliminary information early Tuesday indicated that an officer hospitalized in a stable condition with broken legs and other injuries was hit by bricks and rocks after being hit by a pickup truck, according to the AP.

Authorities on Wednesday announced the city’s curfew to be implemented from 9pm and tried to end any violence or destroy local businesses by 6am.

Wallace’s father on Tuesday Called to reduce stress Between protesters and police.

Walter Wallace Sr. said on Tuesday, “I do not commit any violence – sabotage in the city, looting in shops and all this chaos.” “I need respect for my family and my son to stop this violence and chaos.”

Elder Wallace then pleaded for justice for his son and urged the protesters to unite rather than harm the family.

“People have businesses and we’ve all got to eat … So, why would we hurt the resources that exist in our community instead of being tied together?” he said. “This is an SOS to help not to get hurt and not to commit violence, looting, arson – because I wasn’t that way.”


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