Philadelphia has announced major restrictions for indoor gatherings, restaurants and businesses

Philadelphia (CBS) – Philadelphia officials announced major sanctions for restaurants and businesses across the city on Monday as coronovirus cases increased. From Friday, indoor food will be banned and gyms and museums will be closed.

City officials accept that businesses will be closed and jobs will be lost due to new restrictions, but they are, they say, necessary to save lives.

Philadelphia Health Commissioner Drs. “We have to take action now,” Thomas Farley said during a Monday afternoon press conference.

All indoor public and private ceremonies are being banned in Philadelphia.

“Please stay away from home, stay away from others as much as you can,” Farley said. “Don’t even visit friends and relatives.”

Philadelphia officials revealed new restrictions to prevent spiking numbers of COVID cases.

Mayor Jim Kenny said, “We don’t take any of this lightly and I believe that more than anything in the world, I want none of it to be necessary, but there’s no doubt about it That these changes are necessary. “

From Friday, November 20, the city will be prohibited:

  • Youth and community sports
  • The gym
  • Museums
  • Libraries

Indoor dining will be prohibited in the restaurant and outdoor dining will be limited to only four members of a household.

“To prevent this virus from going from house to house and mixing people with masks from different houses, this virus is just like that,” Farley said. “We can’t enforce it, but we are asking residents and restaurants: Please, people who eat outside without a mask should only be with their home.”

Open with remaining range includes:

  • Retail shop
  • Barber Shop & Salon
  • hotel
  • Religious facilities.

Unless possible people work from home.

“This will help reduce the potential burden on our hospitals, it will help slow the spread of the virus and most importantly save lives.”

Along with schools, colleges and high schools can only be online – no individual in-class. However, primary and middle schools will be allowed to remain open with childcare facilities.

“Children almost never fall seriously ill with COVID and children’s education is important,” said Farley.

The new restrictions will be implemented for six weeks through the new year.

“I know these restrictions are tough, people are being forced out of work and some businesses can run, but we also know that the health consequences of not doing so are really bad,” Farley said. “And if we do this right, our business will recover faster because the wave of epidemic will soon subside.”

Farley urged surrounding counties in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey to incorporate similar measures to join Philadelphia, noting that there is much more movement in the area and preventing the virus without more equal precautions Its difficult.

For a complete list of new restrictions, click here.


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