Philadelphia Eagles to attend Trevor Lawrence Pro Day

Crazy things happen during the NFL draft, and while Clemson’s quarterback Trevor Lawrence is expected to be No. 1 overall to Jacksonville, the Eagles are doing their due diligence on the All-American.

Sports Illustrated reports that only seven teams will attend Lawrence’s next Pro Day practice on Friday, and the Eagles will be one of them in addition to the Jaguars, Jets, Dolphins, Falcons, Broncos and Panthers.

The long-awaited No. 1 pick will work with a 50-pitch script that will showcase his ability to play under center and outside of game action, and will emphasize his pocket movement and his ability to throw on the move, from screen passes to shots deep. Lawrence hasn’t had the run that most quarterbacks have before a pro day, due to the timing of all of this, but he and Lawrence got two weeks of work in Orange County, and they had a drill Wednesday. In the south. Carolina.

And while the Jaguars are probably the only team that should be present, I was told that Jacksonville’s new coach, Urban Meyer, is credited for the event and is expected to be there, at least seven of the teams that are in the top 10. are scheduled to appear. The Jets, Dolphins, Falcons, Eagles, Broncos and Panthers will also have scouts on the ground. One of those teams told me that they felt like they had to be there, just to get a chance to see Lawrence pitch and value him, just in case. (Yes, I know.)

All 32 NFL teams will certainly be intrigued and with various media televised or broadcasting the training, the staff will have their eyes on the only quarterback in a generation.

The Eagles who send staff to in-person training at Clemson would show they are contemplating taking the quarterback at No. 6 overall and if they work closely with Lawrence, we can hope they will be there for Justin Fields as well. at Ohio State or Zach Wilson at BYU.


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