PFT’s Week 6 Electricity Ranking *

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[Editor’s note: With the NFL playing a Tuesday night game for the first time in nearly a decade, I had a decision to make regarding the Week Six power rankings: Hold them until Wednesday or post them on Tuesday? I decided on a mixed approach. The original version comes Tuesday. The rankings then will be updated on Tuesday night, after the Bills-Titans game. If there’s a Bills-Titans game.]

1. Seahawks (No. 2; 5–0): The Seahawks made it 5–0 for the first time. More importantly, they have made it back to number 1.

2. The Bills (No. 3; 4-0): Whether they hold this position or not depends on whether they can win in Tennessee. If they won big enough, could they leap to Seattle?

3. Packers (No. 4; 4–0): They are so good that they move to a spot even when they do not play.

4. Chief (previously No. 1; 4-1): They are weak when playing the role of opponents, which they do not have full attention.

5. Revance (No. 5; 4-1): He recovered very quickly from his Week Three encounter with Kryptonite.

6. Patriots (No. 6; 2-2): The fact that a team has COVID-19 issues as the Patriots shows how incredible it is.

7. Steelers (No. 9; 4-0): With four close wins against great teams, how good are they? We will find out against Brown this weekend.

8. Titans (No. 8; 3-0): Should. . . to oppose. . . Is making . . A Comment . . . it refers. . . That film.

9. Rama (No. 12; 4-1): Jeet Ugly uniform can look a lot better.

10. Saints (No. 10; 3-2): A win is a win, but the Saints are still a long way from the dominant force they have been in the last few regular seasons.

11. Brown (No. 13; 4-1): Cleveland fans deserve it. Depending on the schedule, they should get a lot about it.

12. Bears (No. 14; 4-1): If the offense can hold it together for four quarters, they will run down the table.

13. Raiders (No. 18; 3-2): To his credit, Derek Carr finally won the deep ball.

14. Panthers (No. 15; 3-2): Who does Christian McKeffrey need? (In fact, pretty much every team. But the Panthers are 3–0 without him somehow.)

15. Buccaneers (No. 7; 3–2): Refuses to acknowledge Tom Brady’s mental mistake.

16. Colts (No. 11; 3-2): Just when the bandwale was starting to fill up, everyone would start jumping.

17. Cardinals (No. 19; 3-2): Kylar Murray gets a chance to show national audiences what he can do on Monday night against the Cowboys.

18. Dolphins (No. 21; 2-3): Is that revenge for Super Bowl XIX?

19. Cowboys (No. 17; 2-3): Losing the DACs can significantly lower expectations for Andy Dalton.

20. 49ers (No. 16; 2-3): The next seven games will either re-establish the defending NFC Champions or bury them.

21. Chargers (No. 20; 1-4): They are too good to be 1-4.

22. Eagles (No. 22; 1-3-1): They are not good enough to be 1-3-1.

23. Bengals (No. 23; 1-3-1): It’s time for AJ Green to take whatever he can get.

24. Broncos (No. 24; 1-3): An undefeated bye gives Drew Locke one more chance to return for the Patriots game.

25. Vikings (No. 25; 1-4): He offered his best chance to defeat Seattle without the help of Blair Salash.

26. Texans (No. 30; 1-4): The artificial interim coach hoop is real.

27. Lions (No. 26; 1-3): Texans, Falcons, Lions?

28. Washington (No. 27; 1-4): Alex Smith gives him a much better chance of turning this over than Kyle Allen.

29. Jaguar (No. 28; 1-4): Tank is back for Trevor.

30. Falcons (No. 29; 0–5): The smoke of 28–3 would have expected more than anyone ever did.

31. Giants (No. 31; 0-5): If they can ever win, maybe they can do something together.

32. Jets (No. 32; 0-5): The current path is not sustainable for any NFL franchise.

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