Pfizer will now ship vials of low COVID-19 vaccines to the US, as scientists discovered additional supplements in them

Kovid-19 Vaccine Vials. REUTERS / Dedo Rouvic / Illustration
  • After the discovery of additional doses, Pfizer will give the US a COVID-19 vaccine vial.

  • The company has formally pushed the FDA to accept additional supplements found in each vial.

  • Some pharmacists say they are still struggling to extract the extra dose.

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Last month, pharmacists across the US found a pleasant surprise when they discovered that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine vials contained additional doses.

As a result, Pfizer will now ship fewer vials of vaccine to the US, as reported by the New York Times. The pharmaceutical company has committed to provide 200 million vaccine doses to the US by the end of July. Additional doses found in the initial allocation will now count towards that number.

Pfizer’s allegations by dose and for the week pushed US Food and Drug Administration officials to formally acknowledge that the vials contained six (and sometimes seven) doses instead of five.

Earlier this month, the FDA obliged, according to The Times, changing the wording of the vaccine’s Emergency Use Authority. Pfizer officials argued that the federal government’s contract required payment by dose, as the difference was necessary.

But some pharmacists say that they actually have challenges of taking out those extra doses, because that process requires a special syringe.

“Now there’s more pressure to make sure you get that sixth dose,” Michael Gannio, senior director of pharmacy practice and quality at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, told the Times.

Pfizer’s Chief Executive Officer, Drs. Albert Borla said the additional sixth dose allows the company to expand its vaccine supply more. Pfizer originally estimated that it could manufacture 1.3 billion doses in 2021, but the discovery of additional doses played a role in the company’s most recent estimate of two billion doses by the end of the year.

When pharmacists first discovered the additional dose, there was both excitement and confusion. Some even threw extra doses because they were not allowed to use them, according to the newspaper. But the FDA soon offered both permission and instructions to use the additional dose.

At the time, additional dosages seemed to suggest that instead of the 100 million doses Pfizer originally promised the US by the end of March, the country could wind up to 120 million, with some good news amid the chaotic vaccine rollout. But Pfizer demanded that the additional dose be counted as part of its current contract instead.

“Pfizer will make a lot of money from these vaccines, and the US government has projected too much risk in this case, so I’m not sure that Pfizer didn’t continue to fill its supply as planned, even if it’s not Means a little oversight, ”Dr. Brigham and a professor of medicine at the Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Aaron S. Kesselheim told The Times.

After weeks of an alleged language dispute between Pfizer and the FDA, the agency formally changed the vaccine fact sheet to specify that each vial contained six doses.

As reported by The Times, Pfizer vaccines allocated to each state may be based on the new language starting next week.

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