Pfizer CEO defends companies shutting down coronovirus vaccine

  • According to the World Health Organization, there are 164 coronovirus vaccine projects in the works.
  • Pfizer is working with European pharmaceutical firm BioNTech to develop a coronavirus virus vaccine for this use to make it available for emergency use.
  • Lawmakers are urging companies to sell their vaccines at a cost.
  • In a recent interview, Pfizer’s CEO defended companies making profits on vaccines.
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As coronovirus vaccine candidates continue their testing before FDA approval, Pfizer CEO Albert Borla disagrees with the notion that the companies developing them should not benefit.

“I think it’s terribly wrong,” Borla told Barone on Tuesday. “The private sector has found a solution for diagnosis … and is with [the] Method of finding more solutions for therapeutics and vaccines. “

Phase 3 trials of the Pfizer vaccine candidate began this week. According to Borla, the vaccine is being “meticulously well executed.”

If approved for emergency use, Pfizer will send 100 million doses for US government use. The US government will pay $ 1.95 billion for these doses, totaling $ 19.50 per shot.

Pfizer is not the only company that expects the vaccine to be ready in the fall.

AstraZeneca / Oxford and Moderna are also on track to prepare their vaccines for emergency use. People at high risk for contracting the virus, including healthcare workers and the elderly, will be able to receive the vaccine if they approve the FDA for this use.

After a hit in the market, a company stands to produce a coronovirus vaccine, there is no solid number for it.

Last week, Rep. Jan Shkowski-ill. According to NPR, companies receiving government assistance were requested to sell the vaccine at a cost. When making diverse responses, it is important to note that Pfizer has not used any government money to develop its vaccines.

During the interview Borla stated, “During the epidemic, we just went with the price that exists, which has very little end.” “It is sold to high technology vaccines, parts of which are [for] In america “

AstraZeneca has plea ged to sell its vaccine to the government to no avail, while Johnson & Johnson will sell its vaccine for emergency pandemic use at a “non-for-profit price”.

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