Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine manufacturer says life could be ‘normal’ next winter

One of the scientists behind Pfizer-BioNTech’s promising COVID-19 vaccine candidate says the potential cure could return the world to “normal” by next winter.

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BYBTech CEO Ugur Sahin said on Sunday that if the high vaccination rate was achieved by the end of next year, the course of the epidemic could be changed, the BBC reported.

“I believe this will happen, because many vaccine companies have been asked to increase supply, and so that we can have a common cold next year,” Sahin said.

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PFE Pfizer Inc. 38.62 1.07 + 2.85%
BNTX Biontech SE 106.00 4.37 + 4.30%

Sahin said the goal was to deliver hundreds of millions of doses around the world by spring, which “may have already started impacting” in preventing people from getting sick with the virus.

“Will have a big impact [not] Until summer. In the summer we will get help anyway because the infection rate will come down, ”he said.

“It is absolutely essential that we get a high vaccination rate by or before autumn [or] Winter next year

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He said it was “very relieving” to receive recent news that preliminary results indicated that the vaccine is more than 90 percent effective.

“We now know that our vaccine works, and most likely other vaccines will work as well,” Sahin said.

“So this is really a message that not only changes the way we develop vaccines, but also increases the likelihood that we will be able to keep this epidemic under control.”

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