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Peyton Manning, Joe Douglas, the favorite, and other rumors of the Jets general manager

Several members of the NFL and team members faced rumors about the search for the Jets general manager today.

  • According to most accounts, Joe Douglas is the preferred candidate of the Jets when the search begins. I think that hiring a respected professional like Douglas would be a positive development and perhaps the first step on the road to the respectability of this franchise. At this time, Douglas's level of interest is unclear. There are obvious positive and negative aspects about this opening, but this is an intelligent guy to point to.
  • Ian Rapoport's statement that the general manager will have the final word on the 53-man roster is another positive development. It is necessarily to give the general manager this control, but I think this alone is not enough. I firmly believe that the next general manager must be able to take full control of football operations, and the Johnson brothers must retire.
  • Both Rapoport and Adam Schefter say that Peyton Manning will not be the next general manager of the team. A hiring of staff would be difficult for me to rationalize. This work seems too big for a total blank slate, and Manning's greatest asset is name recognition. I'm not against thinking outside the box. Nor do I believe that Manning should start as an entry-level junior scout if he wants to pursue a career in the main office. Having said that, I can not imagine that hiring Peyton Manning as general manager at the moment would be more than a publicity stunt. It is likely that almost all of the heavy work has to be delegated to someone else. If Peyton Manning wants to be a general manager, it would be best to get him to get a lower profile job in a main office instead of starting at the top. History has shown us that being a great player does not necessarily translate into the main office.

Adam Gase also spoke with the press today. He denied any claim that he has increased his power within the organization.

In other news, Adam Gase is one of the leading voices in the search for a new general manager.

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