PewDiePie announces “Big Change” to its YouTube channel

PewDiePie has announced a major change to its YouTube channel, inspired by the likes of Corpus Husband, Dream, and a growing trend among popular streamers on Twitch and YouTube. After a two-week pause from YouTube, the platform’s most popular content creator is back. In the making of his comeback, King of YouTube made a “big reveal”. Following this tease, today, PewDiePie released a new YouTube video entitled, “I’m Back with a Who Announcement.” And as you would expect, the video is already trending and has about two million views. Of course, every PewDiePie upload receives wild engagement, but this video, in particular, is attracting additional attention for the aforementioned announcement.

For those who have not seen the video, PewDiePie is removing a page from the playbook of Dreambook, Corpus Husband, Pokemon and other streamers and YouTubers and will now hide their identity behind an avatar. According to PewDiePie, he is getting rid of his self-facing camera and is doing “reverse face revealing” to remain relevant.

“I have realized that the only way for me to remain relevant at this point … is for me to do this,” PewDPE said jokingly. “Corpus Husband … No Face Cam, No Face Reveal, Mass Popular. Sapna … No Face, No Face, Widely Popular.”

Right now, YouTuber has not decided on the final avatar, but for most of the video, it used a temporary or, in particular, the avatar below:

(Photo: PewDiePie)

For now, it remains to be seen how permanent this change will be. In the video, PewDiePie asks fans for help finding and choosing an avatar, suggesting that at the very least the avatar will not last long above. However, it is difficult to know how long PewDiePie will keep it running. In the video, he is clearly joking and perhaps poking fun at the trend, but it also appears that he is about to keep the avatar at least for a while.

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