Petition may proceed against controversial Seattle city council recalling judges’ rules

Socialist City Councilor Kshem Sawant is facing a possible recall from Seattle residents after the verdict on Wednesday that there was sufficient evidence for several charges leveled against him for the proceedings.

King County Judge Jim Rogers upheld four of the six charges brought by petitioner Ernest Lu, saying in his order that Lu admitted the other two were “legally inadequate.”

Those allegations include that Sawant, a controversial figure in the ongoing protests, encouraged protesters to occupy the city’s eastern region and helped create the infamous Capitol Hill Occupation Protest (CHOP) area.

Seat city for legally voting bill for social sector consultation

The four remaining charges related to the manner in which Sawant allegedly abused his office. In particular, Lu alleges that Sawant let protesters go to City Hall during the night’s protest and spoke at another demonstration in front of the mayor’s house.

Rogers stated, “Petitioner has shown actual knowledge of the facts which suggests that Councilmember intends to commit an unlawful act.” Lu filed the petition in late August.

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According to The Seattle Times, Sawant’s lawyer called the petition a “political screw up” against Councilwom.

Attorney Dimitri Iglitzin said, “We have elections in this state and in this city, and those elections where the decision to hold this office is to be determined.” “It is on its face, from any fair reading, a political screw against Councilmember Sawant.”

Lu’s lawyer, John McKay, insisted that officers like Sawant “be held accountable for violations of the law.”