Peter Moore gets back into video game business, joins Unity

Tattoo mug, Sega, Microsoft and former Electronic Arts executive Peter Moore are returning to the gaming industry. Moore announced this on Twitter on Wednesday He has joined engine manufacturer Unity Technologies to lead its sports and live entertainment division as senior vice president and general manager.

Moore, 66, spent the last four years in Sports Nut’s dream job: his favorite team since boyhood, the chief executive of Liverpool Football Club. In his tenure, the Reds won the Premier League in the 2019–20 season, their first league championship in 30 years. The club also won the UEFA Champions League title in 2019 (and then the Super Cup), as well as the FIFA Club World Cup in 2019.

Prior to that, Moore spent a time with Electronic Arts as an executive (as its chief operating officer and as president of EA Sports). After joining Unity, Moore will be reunited with John Riccito, who brought Moore in 2007 when he was its CEO. Riccitiello is currently the chief executive of Unity.

Personal and well known to longtime video gaming fans, Moore is also remembered as the president of Sega of America during the launch of the 1999 Dreamcast (and, less happily, the man who consoles Had to announce the untimely demise of).

Subsequently, he joined Microsoft’s Xbox division, where he is known for guarantees Hello 2November 9, 2004, Launch date with a tattoo on his right hand.

Although Moore still answers questions about ink, its continued existence is still unconfirmed.

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