Pete Davidson is dating Phoebe Dynevor, star of ‘Bridgerton’

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Did Pete Doherty finally trade a rock star lifestyle for comfortable middle age?

Kate Moss lives quietly in the Cotswolds, Sadie Frost teaches yoga classes online and Noel Fielding presents The Great British Bake Off. Now it appears that Pete Doherty has finally joined his old party group to establish himself. Images surfaced yesterday of Doherty, the wild son of the Noughties and Moss’s ex-lover, laid back, happy and decidedly pot-bellied as he took his dog for a walk in the French seaside town of Étretat with his girlfriend, Katia de Vidas. Gone are the skinny jeans and crooked trilby from his hectic days. In their place were navy blue sweatpants, an ill-fitting white T-shirt, and a pair of flip flops. When the images surfaced, Twitter was full of spiked comments comparing the stick-thin, drugged Doherty of yesteryear to the thicker-figure, gray-haired 42-year-old strolling along a path at a seaside location. But there was kindness among the trolling: “This is the Pete Doherty you can relate to the most,” one user opined. The images suggest the end of an era. They suggest that the last of the celebrity gang that filled the country’s daily newspapers in the early 1990s has opted for the quiet life. Through Doherty’s relationship with Moss, whom he dated on and off between 2005 and 2007, he was connected to the so-called Primrose Hill Set, a group of party-goers, models, and musicians that included Frost and her then-husband Jude Law. . Doherty seems to have finally joined this group to embrace middle age. A key member of the set, Meg Matthews, who was married to Noel Gallagher from Oasis, has written a book on (and launched an online platform dedicated to) going through menopause. Among other things, Frost now performs yoga workouts under the Yin & Tonic brand. And the stylist to the stars, James Brown, is hiding out in the Cotswolds with Moss locked up. The holidays seem to be behind us. Moss told Elle magazine last year that her idea of ​​a good night out now is to go to bed around 11 p.m. and watch Netflix. Fielding, who was a regular on the London party scene, once spoke of being routinely photographed “in a gutter with Pete Doherty.” Since then he has “softened”, become a public cake taster and also a father. A music PR who used to work with the musician said it’s “great news” that Doherty has traded hard nights for the good life with De Vidas, who plays keyboard in his latest ensemble Pete Doherty and the Puta Madres. “It seems like Pete has finally found happiness. The kind of lifestyle he had was unsustainable; things seemed doomed for a while. “And doomed is a fitting word when it comes to Doherty, whose ex-lover, Amy Winehouse, died of alcohol intoxication in 2011 after years of addiction problems. Looking at the pictures, it’s easy. forget how tangled, murky and ugly his life was in the years after his band The Libertines spearheaded a UK revival of chaotic indie rock. From 2002 to around 2007, the band’s popularity made Doherty a pin-up for a generation of music fans, but times were dark too.

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