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Pete Carroll and John Schneider talk about the movements of the Seahawks on Day 1 of the NFL 2018 Draft

Pete Carroll's default attitude fired, but the Seahawks head coach seemed especially excited after Day 1 of the NFL 2018 Draft, a day when the Seahawks selected San Diego state running back Rashaad Penny then to go back to trading in the first round from No. 18 to No. 27.

"I do not mind telling you, this election excited me," Carroll said to open the press conference of its general manager and John Schneider. "I'm excited about this choice, John will tell you all about it, but let it be known, this is an exciting choice."

The Seahawks' first move of the day was a trade with Green Bay that allowed the Seahawks to acquire a third-round pick (No. 76 overall), filling a large gap for a team that arrived a day with no selections for the Seahawks. Day 2. The Seahawks also added a sixth-round selection in that exchange (186 in total) and sent a seventh round (248) to Green Bay, who used the 18th-corner selection of Jaire Alexander.

"We are super excited that we were able to go back," Schneider said. "We feel really blessed to be able to return to Green Bay and fill a gap in the sixth round, fill a gap in the third round, the third round selection is No. 76 overall, it's a very good choice in our opinion. we have a gap tomorrow, but we're very excited about Penny, great kid.

"It's a dynamic kickoff returner; has returned seven kickoffs (for touchdowns). He has two clearance returns, he took one home. Simply incredible spatial awareness and instincts. Yes, we are very excited. "

Carroll added:" Speed, durability, humility. "Probably the part of this young man is that he is humble, that he is ready to work, whatever he wants, he will do it. Special teams is unique, it's really something To be able to help Tyler (Lockett), take off Tyler's load sometimes: they will compete for all the things that come back, which is great, he comes here to compete, he knows. We're just giving him the job, he has to come here and fight, which he's ready to do, but he's such an exciting player, and he's so versatile and so dynamic, we know that every time he puts his hands on the ball, he can To score a touchdown, and that's in the running game and the passing game, because he's very talented at catching football and running routes too. "

Two elements of Penny's game that Schneider and Carroll mentioned on multiple occasions were their great ability to play and their durability – Penny did not lose a single game in his college career. Having a back that is reliable and explosive could be a big part of Seattle improving its running game, something that Carroll highlighted as one of the biggest goals of his team at the beginning of the offseason.

"We know that the running game helps in all aspects of our team," Carroll said. "It helps our defense, it helps our special teams, and it can also play in teams and be a factor, it's a really exciting choice and I can not wait to bring it here and get going … It's a beautiful choice. runner in this draft, this was a fantastic project for the runners. (Pick No. 2 overall) Saquon Barkley, is an extraordinary player, we have not seen a guy like that in years, and this guy is there in the ability to make plays explosives and big things happen.

"This is really the addition, the element that we hope to take into account this season, along with the guys, we like our runner; we have a good room for guys who are going to be competing, but this only gives us one more chance to really make it look explosive to really help us in the running game by being able to run the ball in and out of. He's been a downhill runner, but he's also been able to bounce the ball around the perimeter and take a big advantage of that, whether he's going backwards or going to the front. He has a special way about him, he has a great ability to play. That only makes a big difference when you defend us. We will discover how it complements the other guys, but it will bring something really explosive that will be a great dynamic for our football team. "

Schneider added:" I had some really interesting analytical statistics about him. with durability and race after the first contact-of this group (draft), it was No. 1 in both categories. "

Schneider said the Seahawks were not sure if they would be able to find a partner to return, and were prepared to choose Penny at No. 18 if they had not made a move, instead, the Seahawks were able to go back nine places, add a little extra draft capital, and still get their man to be No. 27. While the teams call each other to try to advance and get selections during the draws, Schneider said something unusual happened, after the Seahawks took Penny, with a team calling to see if they could trade for the player Seattle had just finished. While that commercial offer helped validate Seattle's decision, the Seahawks were not interested.

"We would have taken it at 18, so that's why we felt super-blessed. gone, "said Schneider. "Every time you go back, people always say," Oh, you just came back. "It's kind of hard to do, you have to find a partner (we made several people walk away from us) and we really feel blessed that Green Bay has been there with us, and really a real rarity is that we had a team that called us after we selected it to try to acquire it, I've never experienced it … Is not it great? It's amazing. "

As things stand, the Seahawks have eight selections left, including tomorrow's third round selection:

Round 3: 76

Round 4: 120

Round 5: 141, 146, 156, 168

Round 6: 186

Round 7: 226

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