Peru’s Interim President Manuel Merino resigns after protests

“I want to tell the whole country that I submit my resignation for my presidency and I call for peace and unity for all Peruvian people. My commitment is with Peru and I guarantee everything for my power Give.” Peru’s constitutional succession to move forward and for Congress to determine, “Merino told the nation.

Peru plunges into political turmoil as Congress pulls out President Viscera
Merino was the president of the congress until he was appointed interim president on Monday after his impeachment on corruption charges by former Congress president Martin Vizcara. Vijaykara has denied the allegations.

Vijakara’s impeachment triggered protests across the country from Monday and continued for six consecutive nights, killing at least two people and injuring 94 on Saturday night.

Protesters marched with a huge national flag as protesters gathered in front of the Palacio de Justicia in Lima, Peru on November 14, 2020, against the removal of President Martin Vizcarra with a huge national flag.

The prosecutor’s office has investigated both deaths. Peru’s ombudsman office is monitoring protests and has called on social media to stop the use of tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters.

Dozens of people clashed with protesters and police in Peru amid political crisis

The protesters, opposition parties and civil society called Vizkara a legislative coup and refused to recognize Merino as the new president. Among those calling for Merino’s resignation were Lima Jorge Munoz, Nobel laureate and influential Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa and Mayor of the Peru National Assembly of Regional Governors.

Merino became Peru’s third president in less than five years. Vijakara took office in 2018 after former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigned amid allegations of corruption and impeachment. Vijkara was the vice president of Kuczynski.

A woman shows a banner saying that only Vizcarra represents me;  In Spanish on November 9, 2020

In his final address on Sunday, Merino said that all cabinet members had offered resignations as the crisis unfolded, but he intends to keep ministers as long as the situation is clear to avoid creating a power vacuum. Does not happen. Between Saturday and Sunday, at least eight cabinet ministers confirmed their resignations, according to the state’s press agency Andina.

After Merino’s resignation, Congress convened a plenary session on Sunday to discuss the appointment of the next president. Presidential elections are due in April next year.


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