The Flamengo prize is a victory over the Ligito de Quito in the Libertadians, even more

April 12, 2019 11:50



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The option to be suitable for the 16 tour will be smaller League. Winning 6-1 Flamengo Beyond San José of Bolivia later in the situation: now the square of Rio de Janeiro is the head of the board with nine points and a definite positive difference of 7. The second is. Peñarolwith the same score and difference in a target of 4.

The albos are the third with four units and -1. On Wednesday the 24th they will get Flamengo and on 8 May they will be given San José. Contains los albos, if they win both games, 10 points, more than Brazilians and Uruguayan's current games, and there are two other games. In fact, on the last day, both are measured Montevideo.

To leave out PeñarolThe League, however, would have to win the two games and the hope that San Jose would win! and Oriental Flamengo used to be the visitor on the last day, to overcome that.

The other way to win is Flamengo and I expect that there will be a carioca team; fall beforehand Peñarol to get across with a point and rank.

The coach Pablo Repetto It was true about his team's situation. On Thursday, at the news conference in the building Pomasqui, recognizing that the way to stay in Chup is complicated. If the university stays in its third place it will go to Copa Sudamericana this season.

Pablo Repetto, GP from Liga de Quito, is directing his players as he plays at the Copy Group of the Libertadores against Peñarol to play at Estadio Campeón del Siglo in Montevideo, on April 9. , 2019. AFP


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