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Police published list of 17 injured in the train crash in Cusco

The National Police announced the identity of 17 people who were injured, mostly foreigners, as a result of the train crash that occurred on Tuesday morning on the Ollantaytambo-Machu Picchu railway in the Cusco region. [19659002] At the Cima clinic, the Americans Noel Santiago Marrero (50) were treated, who presented polyontusions in different parts of the body, and cutting wounds in the left hand; and Wanda Alvelo Maldonado (33), polychrome on the left side of the face.

Meanwhile, at the Peruano Suizo clinic, Peru Rail workers were referred, Roxana Mora Palacion (32), head, hip, shoulder polygu and left elbow; and Andrés López Luna (31), who suffered a cerebral contusion and blows to the right elbow.

In the Pardo clinic, Paulina Nicole Reyes Cabello (32), Valentina Constanza Neira Reyes, Karen Alejandra Reyes Cabello, Nicolás Andrés Baez were admitted. Reyes, Francisco Reyes Espinoza, María Isabel Cabello Arratia, Luis Francisco Reyes Espinoza, Alexandro Loayza Patara (28), Marshall Myers (70), Frank Michel, Frenchman Jean Marie Judeaux (49) and Koreans Shin Keun yong and Yeeyun Yang.

The accident

By mid-morning, a train crash was recorded on the Ollantaytambo road to Machu Picchu in Cusco . The accident was recorded at the height of km 89 near the community of Qoriwayrachina and left 31 injured, 5 of them seriously. The trains belong to the companies PeruRail and Inca Rail, both moved passengers. Eight rescue units moved to the scene of the accident to evacuate the wounded to the nearest hospitals, reported to RPP News the head of the Ninth Command of Firefighters of Cusco, brigadier Rómulo Centeno.

Police reported that according to passenger versions of the company Inka Rail a group of people who failed to board the company's local train Peru Rail would have blocked the railway with stones. This forced the tourist car to remain detained for more than an hour. "In the absence of coordination with the wagon of the company Peru Rail, which departed at 8:00 am from the station of Ollantaytambo was rammed by the back," says the police briefing.


In declarations to RPP News a tour guide said he was surprised by the delay of train arrivals and departures that were scheduled. "Through contacts in the area they sent me photos of an accident. In the station, the operators have not spoken about it. "

Valeria Lozano, one of the passengers who was traveling on the train of the Inca Rail operating company, said that they were headed to Aguas Calientes and that They were stranded by a protest. "Then when the train started to start, at five minutes we felt a strong impact on the part of the PeruRail train" he explained.

The witness who is also a tour guide said that in her group three couples were traveling of German, Austrian and Swiss nationality, who are safe.


The Indecopi announced on Tuesday that has activated the emergency protocol before the rail accident occurred in Cusco to verify compliance with consumer protection regulations in favor of those affected

The body will verify the measures taken by the companies Inka Rail and Peru Rail with regard to the existence of insurances contracted against damages to passengers, and the corresponding coverage of those affected by the insurance companies.

"The Indecopi will inform as soon as possible the possible initiation of sanctioning administrative proceedings in case there are indications of infringement of consumer protection regulations, "the agency said in a statement.


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