Indecopi recommends that the rock seats don't use Rock & Play; with Fisher Price

The Indecopi recommended not to use it "Rock" is Play "rock chairs with Fisher Price." for they were dangerous for babies.

A quiet and dangerous city

The search center connects with the US buyers' request, asking their customers last year to stop using Fisher-Price rocking if their children have finished. they can turn around because a number of babies have already died, listing reports of 10 child deaths from 2015.

According to the Safety Commission reports of the United States Consumer Goods, babies, who were 3 months or older, moved from their backs to the stomachs or sides without restriction t. The warning gave no more information about what caused the deaths of the babies.

It was not sold

Indecopi asked for information from Fisher-Price's leading imports of products in the country, as well as the Sunat, proof of this product. These companies were never sold in the Peruvian market.

Without prejudice, INDECOPI recommends users who got Fisher-Price Rock's Play rock; in a particular way, for example, from international overseas shops or other means, without using it from a commercial risk they may put at risk for their child's safety and integrity.

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