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Facebook airplane reaction: the funny comments about the "Me aviona" | F | Trends

Facebook users were surprised to enter their profiles as they noticed the "new reaction" that had been "enabled". This emoji is named "Me aviona" and has generated a lot of funny comments.

Some users used their own Facebook accounts to comment on this reaction. "My mom says that you lend me your Samsung because the iPhone does not show the reaction of the plane," said a netizen, to refer to the "Me aviona" is only available on the Android system. [19659003] YOU CAN SEE: Facebook: discover how to activate the role of the plane in the reactions

Other Internet users said they can not activate the reaction "Me aviona" on Facebook despite having the Android system. "I've been trying to give 'I fly' to the states of my friends for several hours and I can not," one user wrote. It is worth mentioning that this reaction is not an official Facebook launch, but a bug; that is, a simple error of the company so it will disappear in the next few hours.

On the other hand, some netizens had stopped using Facebook, but the new reaction caused them to reopen their accounts. "I almost do not use Facebook anymore, let alone use their reactions, but that reaction from the plane made me laugh, and now I fill my friends' states with 'Me aviona'", wrote an Internet user via Twitter. [19659002] Without a doubt, this strange reaction of Facebook has generated quite an uproar. Just enough to see the amount of "Me aviona" that have the publications of any celebrity, politician or even media.

See the funny comments about the reaction "I aviona" of Facebook:

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