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Daniel Ortega: It seems that the influence of the Islamic State has reached Nicaragua

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega said that, in his opinion, the influence of the jihadist terrorism of Islamic State (ISIS) has arrived in his country and he gave as an example the murders that have occurred in the context of the protests against his Government since last April 18.

"It seems that the influence of ISIS has reached through (social) networks until Nicaragua ", said the president in an act on the occasion of the 39th anniversary of the Air Force, before hundreds of Nicaraguan soldiers.

According to Ortega ," a few weeks ago "the country was mired in terror, due to "terrorist practices that were not known" in Nicaragua among which he mentioned kidnappings of citizens and policemen, followed by torture, which, in some cases, meant burning people alive.


"Then they danced, they jumped and celebrated They were around the corpse. Puro terrorism ", emphasized the president, who blamed those practices on his detractors, who, he said, are financed by" the extremist groups of United States and agencies "of that North American country

"Terrible and it was not a case, there were several cases of Nicaraguan brothers burned, burned, among them two police officers burned, burned. Terrorism, there is no other word, "he continued.

Ortega maintained that these terrorist practices were never practiced by the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) in its struggle against the Somoza dictatorship (1937-1979).

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ( IACHR ) as the Office of the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Human Rights (Acnudh) has held the Government responsible Nicaragua for "murders, extrajudicial executions, ill-treatment, possible acts of torture and arbitrary detention", which Ortega has denied.



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