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Battle for Azeroth, the new expansion of World of Warcraft

In the world of video games, few are the franchises that can boast a deep rootedness and transcendence outside their own environment for so long. Such is the case of World of Warcraft which more than 20 years after its birth continues to expand and seek to reach more players.

Movies, novels, comics, board games, cards and other memorabilia has been created under the brand of WoW but the backbone will always be the titles that the company Blizzard Entertainment develops in this regard, so the new expansion of the game, Battle for Azeroth aims to captivate those who still do not know this saga.

"Our vision with World of Warcraft and with this new expansion is to continue entertaining, we want people to follow the stories and be interested in playing it, to be passionate in the same way it happened when the game came out as such more than 20 years ago, "said Josafat Vargas public relations manager for Blizzard in conversation with RÉCORD.

To publicize the new expansion , which will be available from August 14, the developer formed the ' Azeroth Academy ', with which they wanted more people and media to be interested in the game.

"We wanted to start making the people who do not know so much about the game come to know it, we have an audience that is foreign to us and the fact of doing a kind of academy is to start from scratch, "he stressed.


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