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An 'eCommerce Day' with focus for MSMEs | Economy | News

That there be more offer, companies and entrepreneurs that use the Internet and electronic commerce to reach more clients, look for the eCommerce Institute and the Ecuadorian Chamber of Electronic Commerce when organizing the eCommerce Day, tomorrow in Guayaquil .

The event is held since 2007 at the regional level and records its 84th edition in Latin America and the eighth in Ecuador, said Marcos Pueyrredon, president of the eCommerce Institute. This year will be done in 18 countries within what is called Tour 2018: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay , among others.

In Ecuador, according to Pueyrredon, there will be workshops, thematic talks and exchange of experiences, success stories and more than 40 experts who will help those who want to enter the world of electronic commerce and business online, especially SMEs and entrepreneurs, groups that, according to the head of the eCommerce Institute, represent between 95% and 97% of the economies of the countries in the region.

On the growth of electronic commerce, Puyrredon pointed out that there are sustained rates of growth in electronic commerce of 30% in the last five years.

Therefore, during the event the second e-commerce study of the country will be presented, in which the figures indicate a growth double digit in comparison to the results presented last year, when online business reached $ 800 million in Ecuador, according to Leonardo Otatti, director of the Ecuadorian Chamber of Electronic Commerce.

The leader listed several indicators that show a maturation of commerce online in Ecuador as the growth of the serious offer by Internet, the entrance of multinationals to the digital ecosystem, the injection of capital to StartUps and the existence of last generation support services. [19659002] On the subject, Pueyrredon added that the penetration in Ecuador of the use of the internet and mobile devices, especially in social networks, exceeds 60%. "There are more Ecuadorians in social networks than there is in the population, because they have many migrants in other parts of the world who continue to place Ecuador as a place of residence," he explained.

In addition, the eCommerce Awards Ecuador 2018 will be delivered during the event to the companies with the best development and contribution to electronic commerce and internet businesses. The eCommerce Startup Competition will also be held, a competition for invited entrepreneurs that seeks to promote digital entrepreneurship and support projects in Latin America with the greatest potential for development. (I)

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eWomen Program
In all the eCommerce Day of the 2018 Tour, special activities will be carried out with women leaders of the industry within the eWomen program: Meet & Greet, plenary, 1 × 1 interviews, among others. The initiative seeks to promote the development of female leadership in the digital commerce industry, to improve and promote the position of women. (I)

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