A trouble may have hit, but for a moment we're taking our eyes to heaven

Recently, someone in my community Av Aviv is sprayed the picture, "Do you look at the sky today?" On the walls of the buildings and local park and train station. Did you look at heaven today? It is a reminder to take our eyes off the phone and look up, for a minute, to see what is happening around us.

Over the past two months I have found out I can lift my eyes to the larger and larger skies, as I followed the path of a pumped path to the moon.

During those two months, while Israel has been involved in a semi-violent election and almost war in Gaza, there is a group of passionate engineers who have tried to change the landscape of the whole country space, seeing the world beyond our borders and our planet.

Although we and the world were watching Thursday night, curling back home, Israel would be fourth to descend on the moon, Bereshit came to the moon. thousands of items.

The seat began completely with a massive movement when the planes were lifted as it passed a surface without turning, and this means that it was automatically automated and had no turning. back there. But then the communication with the ship started coming and going.

The situation failed, but it happened so soon that night guests, Ido Antebby from SpaceIL and Opher Doron from Israel Aerospace Industries, never had the chance to explain what was happening.

Before entering the Moon, Bereshit from Israel took the magnificent final picture
One of the last photographs taken by Bereshit before it hit the Moon on 11 April 2019. t

The main engine stopped working, and then wonderfully it started working again. There were some people in the audience too, but IH's space engineer Ehud Hayun knew already that he was over. The spaceship was too close to the surface so it could be damaged properly and gently falling to the ground.

“There is concern that we have not managed to land properly,” observed Alex Friedman, engineering manager of systems who manages the control room at 1024 p.m.

The engineers, stocks like always, felt little, as it was clear that their project, which had worked for over eight years, had fallen. where they were standing.

The beginning of the white expedition to Bereshit began
The Satu mission of Satu of SpaceX, with the Israeli moon carriage, comes out of Cape Canaveral in Florida on February 22, 2019 (view: YouTube).

Did you look at heaven today? Have you looked at the Moon?

Somewhere up there, there are the tragic remains of three friends at a bar at Holon, which raised $ 100 million in grants as a way of taking over a team of twelve engineers and teams. Israel and the world were recognized.

What does it mean to fail? What does it mean to be confidence, the boldness, get up and say, why not? Why not try to visit the moon.

The Israeli spacecraft lands on a going picture of the moon
The Bereshit engineers published this photograph on April 1 of the Arab peninsula at a height of 16,000 kilometers, from rooms outside the space range. (courtesy of Bereshit)

During the last two months I have followed everything that has gone and gone and as in one of the spaceship I found out that it was not. isolated in the daily life of this country, but looking at the sky and remembering that this country is near to a small planet in an entire universe.

The little thing that I felt was pushing the copies of science fiction Isaac Asimov of my father: how beautiful; he dreams about what can be out of our walks. How essential is it to remember such a small and important importance. How beautiful is it to find out more than we can see.

Beatrit of Israel will send the first port of the moon
A photograph, taken by the Bereshit spaceship, from the lunar surface with the Earth in the background on 5 April, 2019. (courtesy of Bereshit)

More than one million Israeli students spent class time learning about Bereshit, either with demonstrations by the Space Researchers Army (the not-for-profit organization uses more engineers) or the facilities. T website is available free on the SpaceIL website. Even write articles, I learned a lot more about space and the facts I never thought I would know.

At some point between a discussion of the periluna (the closest point to the shelly moon around the moon) and the apiluna (the furthest distance from the decorative moon), and seeking to clarify between the geological and geological functions t I realized that the geometric teacher was at the 10th level, Mrs Haupt, OK to fight each other. One day, I had to know the basic geometry.

The final painting by Bereshit before landing down on the moon surface. (Youtube screenshot)
The final painting by Bereshit before landing down on the moon surface. (Youtube screenshot)

My neighbor, Israel, doesn't understand what this is about. You cannot affect your price: $ 100 million! What about the hungry people in Israel? A claim It is not certain that Bereshit will cost a fraction of the $ 1.5 billion estimate for each mission of Apollo. Why not pick it up and build a hospital or something more practical? Israel has spent its life working with its hands, lifting things, creating concrete objects that it can communicate.

A photograph of a child being included in the time capsule inserted in the Bereshit spaceship (with permission)

I tried to explain to Yisrael why I was keen to write about this tiny boat that is passing through, learning about the complexity of opposition and the speed of the moon and the trouble. T growing with space junk.

But I also found out that I was finding out the words. Can you add value for money? Is it profitable to imagine a girl that she can be a space engineer when she grows up? In the end, I can only tell Israel that you can imagine something more beautiful than a group of friends who think they can put something to the moon? Can you cosmetic a price?

In the times after the news about Friedman, after the screen showed the situation of the space returnable back to the person's desktop computer base, Bereshit did not seem to have fallen.

It is strange to lose something that your wife has never seen.

Bereshit's pictures along the moonside side on 10 April, 2019 from a height of 2500 km. (With the permission of Bereshit engineers).
Bereshit's pictures along the moonside side on 10 April, 2019 from a height of 2500 km. (With the permission of Bereshit engineers).

What does it mean to fail? There is a difficult room, Hayun tell me, shouting and hitting, getting times after the boat has fallen. The cameras were already in front of them, waiting to ask how he was feeling, as it was like losing the project that had been so difficult to build. The place is tough.

Perhaps the lesson we should learn from Bereshit is the thing it missed, but what we did. For time, we are expanding our horizons over our small lives, extending the world's diameter to 400,000 kilometers (250,000 miles) away, visiting millions of people to find a fascinating dream route. follow.

Did you look at heaven today?

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