Personal information of 46,000 veterans compromised after data breech, VA revealed

Officials ‘revelations in this week estimated that 46,000 veterans’ personal information had been tampered with as a result of a data breech in the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

The VA’s Financial Services Center, or FSC, said on Monday it would notify any veterans or veterans’ kin if “to remove payments to community information providers” after “unauthorized users” hacked into its online application. Their information is at risk. Medical treatment of Veteran, “according to a press release.

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The hackers are believed to have access to the status quo to “change financial engineering and pay from the VA using social engineering techniques and using authentication protocols”.

Access to the system has been discontinued until the VA’s Office of Information Technology can conduct a comprehensive review.

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Meanwhile, whose information it is believed that he will receive a letter by post in the coming days.

“To protect these veterans, the FSC is warning affected individuals, including next-of-kin of those deceased, who are at potential risk to their personal information. The department is also providing access to credit monitoring services whose value cannot be compromised by any social security number, ”the department wrote.

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Veterans or their families who have further questions after receiving such letters can contact the FSFS Customer Support Desk by emailing [email protected] or writing to the VA FSC Help Desk, Attn: Customer Engagement Center .PO Box 149971, Austin, TX 78,714-9971.