Pepper’s second help for Kyle Larson.

Kyle Larson won his second Lucas Oil Chili Bowl National on Saturday night. (Devin Mayo photo)

TULSA, Okla. – A year ago, Kyle Larson finally achieved greatness by winning his first Lucas Oil Chili Bowl National Title. On Saturday night, he converted that greatness into immortality, adding a second Golden Driller Trophy to his resume.

Larson leads the Super Bowl of Midgate Racing’s 35th run every moment, no doubt back-to-back Chile Bowl wins in his own No. 01 MAVTV / JV1 group King-Toyota.

Elk Grove, California., Initially reached the point of origin in the second attempt, and never landed in the 55-lap headliner. He faced longtime rival Christopher Grant early and late rival Christopher Bell before finally taking the checkered flag in front of 1.246 seconds.

This marked the third time in the past seven years that a driver has repeatedly won in the annual dwarf racing frivollet. Larsen (’20 -’21) joins Bell (’17 -’19) and Rico Abreu (’15 -’16) in that category.

While Larson did not take an edge in his first Chile Bowl score even after half, he admitted that defense play was a long order for the entire race this year.

“I had to work more hard for that one,” said Larsen, who will return to NASCAR Cup Series action full-time dealings with Hassedrick Motorsports next month. “I could feel that I was pressured a lot throughout the race. In the middle part, the track was actually curved. I was not bad then. But in the end it did a massive curb and I was trying to work hard… but when I work hard I will slam it (cushion). If I had run easily, I would have been hardened against it. Once I saw that Bell had been second, I knew that I had to try to be clever and not make big mistakes or I would let him do it.

“I made many huge mistakes during that race.”

An extended delay in preparation for the track after the twin B Men of the night meant that the grand finale did not go green until 11:21 pm CT.

Once, however, the facility lived up to its annual billing.

Grant improved Larson to start the race, but before Joe B. Miller’s flipping number 49 all cars had crossed the opening lap and restarted completely and gave Larsen a second chance to capitalize.

Larsen didn’t cash it in, either, running out to a seven-car length lead by the end of the first lap before Brady Bacon got up in turn three for the second yellow of the night.

At the time, a lap was placed in the record book, putting Larson in front for a single-file restart and giving him a lead that he would not abandon again. However this did not mean that there was no attempt to stop him.

Grant’s first look for the race lead came after a diamond from the fourth corner gave NOS Energy drink number 2J under Larsen, but Kyle Cummins took the third caution of the incident with a flat tire.

A long green signal was shown from that point, with Larsen going into slow traffic and Grant staying with him, but never getting an opening to complete a move to the top spot.

Thomas Messerall’s mechanical issues caused a yellowing with 29 laps, but it wasn’t until the Lap-38’s restart – after a big cofoid event turned three and four – that things really heated up.

Starting at eleventh, Tanner Thorson advanced to fourth place with a slide job over Cannon McIntosh, while Larson made a one-second advantage over Grant before traffic returned with 10 seconds left.

Kyle Larson caught the road on Saturday at Tulsa Expo Raceway. (Brendan Bowman photo)

While Larson was fighting to lap cars, Bell was on the hunt and hungry for redemption. He missed nine laps, dropping the previous grant and was eager to get Larsen in 2020 after falling behind No. 01.

At the same time Bell passed Grant, Larsen hit the outer berm and suddenly it was three cars while fighting a blanket for the Golden Driller. Grant quickly faded, but the bell on Larsen’s tail tank was hot.

Larson re-tagged the pillow on lap 50 and Bell almost took advantage, but a yellow with four pushed Bell forward for a Blake Hahn spin and put Larson in a clean track.

Bell tried to run Larson down on the ensuing restart, but left the race track with Bell entering three and tagging the treacherous cushion, flipping his iRacing / CB Industries number 84x and a quarter on a Chile Bowl win. Finished his run. .

This left Larsen on Grant, who attempted a huge slider on the permeable start of the race, but could not clear Larson and piled the area behind him as he struck the outside barram into one.

Tyler Courtney eventually turned upside down due to the effect of the agreement and made a final restart.

Larson hit his points on the race-and two-lap dash, pulling for his second Chile Bowl victory over Grant, Thorson, McIntosh and a hard-charging Darin Pittman, who came in 20th to fifth.

Chris Windom, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Brad Sweet, Spencer Beston and Logan Seaway placed in the top 10.

Despite the COVID-19 epidemic keeping some stalwart teams at home, 309 cars still drew to compete during this year’s Lucas Oil Chile Bowl Nationals.

The final World Wide Technology Raceway ended at Flip Count 69, with all drivers able to get away.

Tulsa Expo Raceway will host the 36th Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals from 10-15, 2022.

Results: 35th Lucas Oil Chili Bowl National; Tulsa (Okla.) Expo Raceway; Jan 16, 2021

Lucas Oil One Facility (55 laps): 1. 01-Kyle Larsen [2]; 2. 2J-Justin Grant [1]; 3. 08-Tanner Thorson [11]; 4. 71K-Cannon McIntosh [4]; 5. 21-Sea Pitman [20]; 6. 89-Chris Windom [14]; 7. 17S- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. [12]; 8. RR-Brad Sweet [19]; 9. SS-Spencer Beston [15]; 10. 39-Logan Seaway [17]; 11. 39B- Cole Bodine [24]; 12. 25X-Alex Bright [7]; 13. 27W-Colby Copeland [23]; 14. 84X-Christopher Bell [3]; 15. 7C-Tyler Courtney [6]; 16. 97-Rico Abreu [5]; 17. 52-Blake Hain [13]; 18. 3G-Kyle Cummins [10]; 19. 67-Michael Kofoid [8]; 20. 72-Chase Johnson [21]; 21. 7X-Thomas Messerul [9]; 22. 21H-Brady Bacon [16]; 23. 3 N-Jake Neumann [22]; 24. 49 Jay-Jo B. Miller [18].

Lead Leader: Kyle Larson 1-55

Hard Charger: # 21 – Darian Pittman (+15)

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