People with high-risk conditions access COVID-19 vaccine in Tarant County

Hundreds of people making up the most unsafe population in Tarant County on Wednesday wasted no time in obtaining a COVID-19 vaccine.

Over the past few weeks, vaccines have been distributed to health care workers in North Texas with some first responders in the front row.

Now with Phase 1B, the eligibility pool in Texas has expanded to people 65 years of age or older and people at least 16 years of age have a medical condition that makes them severe with COVID-19 Puts greater risk of disease.

Some of those underlying health conditions include cancer, severe heart conditions, kidney disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, sickle cell disease, solid organ transplantation, and pregnancy.

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The rain and cold weather did not stop people like Jerry Frazier and Claudine Orttetti from waiting in line at Arlington’s Esports Stadium and Expo Center.

“I’m smiling under this mask. You can’t see it,” Frazier said.

“When we heard this news and saw that people are dying it is horrific and we want protection for ourselves,” Orttetti said.

But the supply is extremely limited. 1.4 million doses were promised for December in Texas and are being received as less than 50% of the stock closes for the month.

In Tarrant County, there are many ways to obtain a vaccine.

The Arlington Fire Department is giving shots at Esports Stadium. Until they get out of their dose of 3,000 modernity, it will be a first-come-first serve for those who are eligible.

“It’s a terrible virus. I understand the excitement and happiness of our seniors,” said Chief Don Crown with Arlington FD.

Tarant County has vaccination registrations on its website. From there, people are assigned a clinic. But it can take a day or more to get appointment time.

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JPS Health Network is also distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to those who are eligible but only to their current patients by appointment.

Gary Anderson, a senior citizen of North Texas, said on Wednesday, “We’re all together. Get it and we can finish it. Trey and get it under control”.

“We have no other idea. We want the vaccine and we’re here,” Orttetti said.

They were excited to receive the vaccine but knew that this was not the end of the epidemic.

“I’m still going to wash my hands. I’m still going to wear my mask and watch my distance,” Frazier said.

“It would still give me a layer of protection, not a total. I would still wear masks and social distance to the best of my ability,” Carole Anderson said.

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