People who drove while playing Pokémon Go caused millions in damage in 148 days


For a brief and brilliant period last summer, Pokémon Go reigned supreme. It brought obsession, joy and, according to a new document, injuries and death.

This working document, appropriately and evocatively titled "Death by Pokemon Go", shows the darker side of the popular augmented reality game. Purdue University economists Mara Faccio and John McConnell reviewed the accident reports for Tippecanoe County, Indiana, in the first 148 days after the game's release in July 2016. Only in that county, the total value of the injuries , damages and the two lives lost is between $ 5.2 million and $ 25.5 million. If you scale this to cover all of EE. UU., I would suggest that between $ 2 billion and $ 7.3 billion were lost in those few months.

Reports showed during those 148 days, 286 additional accidents occurred in the county, compared to the same prior period. Of these, 134 were near pokéstops. In this scenario, it is crucial to determine that Pokémon Go caused this damage directly, rather than simply getting people out more, so it is more likely to be hit by a car.

To understand how they realized this, it is important to remember that in the world of Pokémon Go there are pokéstops and there are gyms. Poketops is where you can get more Pokéballs and collect supplies; gyms are where you fight. It is badumed that walked to reach all these places, but many people cheated when driving to the different stops, then jumped out of the car and picked up some supplies or fought a quick battle. To prevent the idiots from doing this, the creators of Pokémon Go made the game difficult while moving at high speed. If you go too fast, you can not just fight in a gym. But this was not the case for all pokéstops.

Looking at the numbers, economists realized that the number of accidents was much higher near pokéstops than gyms, suggesting that accidents were caused by people who jumped out of cars. playing the game. The increase in the number of deaths was not due only to more people in the wrong place at the wrong time. Pokémon Go was actually causing people to be stupid. Let's go friends. Catching them all is not worth this.

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