People pay money for handkerchiefs used to fight the flu.

The idea of ​​a company to fight the flu is receiving a lot of attention.

Vaev was selling a handkerchief for $ 79.99.

The company's website says: "Prepare for the flu season and feel calm all year round with the Væv Tissue." Væv Tissue is specially treated with organic ingredients, does not require a prescription and works hand in hand with the human body to that your immune system feels like your immune system. "

Vaev says that when the flu season arrives, "you should be able to get sick from you terms. We are not talking about chemical products or prescription drugs here in Væv. We believe that using a handkerchief that carries a human sneeze is safer than needles or pills. "

TIME says that the handkerchief comes in a white box and is inside a petri dish, sealed with gold tape.

They spoke with a professor of microbiology and environmental sciences at the University of Arizona who said there are many bad things in it. "There are more than 200 types of rhinoviruses, so you will have to put about 200 handkerchiefs in your nose every time to get a different one, but being inoculated from one does not protect you from everyone else." How to make a vaccine against 200 viruses different? "said Charles Gerba.

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It is not known how many of the tissues were for sale, but at this time Vaev's website says they are sold out.

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